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Here at Lemon Locksmith, we provide door handle replacement on upvc, composite & wooden doors If your door handles are broken, looking tatty or in need of upgrading then give us a call on: 07721876571.

There are a range of different types of door handles, here we discuss a few.


What Kind Of Door Handles Are There?


Door Knob Handles

Doorknobs are a type of handle usually found on wooden doors. These usually don’t turn and are essentially just something to hold when opening and closing the door. These are small and round and usually do not operate any actual lock, instead operating a latch. Types of door knobs are keyed entrance, privacy, passage and dummy knobs. Door knobs are only meant to be used for internal doors not external.

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Lever On Back Plate Internal Handles

Lever on back plate handles are handles for use on internal wooden doors. Some are blank and some have a keyhole fitted. Some of these handles have a thumbturn lock on the handle and are ideal for use on bathroom doors.


Lever On Door Rose Handles

,A lever on rose door handle is a handle where the door lever is attached to a circular back plate. This circular back plate covers the screws in the door handle. There are three common sizes of roses such as 50mm and 60mm. By hiding the screws, this makes the handle flush with with door and helps it to look modern and stylish.

These handles are very simple to install. They usually come with fitting instructions so that you can replace your own handles. You can even screw these handles onto the wood directly known and face fixing with wood screws or a more secure method is to use bolt-through fixings. Simply mark the locations of the holes with a bradawl and drill the holes. Don’t forget to tighten the the grub screw on the handles spindle as the last step.

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Can I Replace My Own Door Handle?

Are door handles easy to replace? Yes, fitting door handles doesn’t have to be complicated, if you have a screwdriver, and a doorstop then you can give it a go. Simply remove the screws, check the PZ measurement  and backset and buy a replacement handle. Attached the new handle and spindle and put the screws back as they were before. You can reuse the old screws, or use the new screws provided. If you use the new screws which come with the new handle, then you may need to cut them down slightly. Some door handles have a cover plate which is separate from the handle, if so put this on. Removing old door handles can be performed by anyone providing enough care is given so give it a try.


How To Fix A Door Handle


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Door handles on UPVC doors can often become floppy. A droopy door handle can happen when the spring breaks inside the handle making the handle loose.  Fixing door handle springs doesn’t have to be complicated, and the worn out spring itself is fairly cheap to buy. Replacement springs for UPVC door handle can be bought online for only a few pounds. However if the handle is of an age where the spring has broke, it may be more efficient to just replace the handle instead of repairing it.



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With UPVC & Composite door handles, you will need to measure the handles PZ measurement in order to make sure you have the correct size handle to replace it with. The PZ is the measurement between the centre of the keyhole and the centre of the spindle hole. The most common PZ measurement is 92mm, so chances are this is the one you need, however its best to check. Some handles have a 62pz, 68pz or even 70pz measurements which are common on conservatory doors.

Fixing door handles doesn’t have to be complicated, with a little research anyone can do it. Taking off a door handle, and inserting a new one isn’t really that hard, the tricky part is measuring to make sure you have the correct size handle.


Door Handle Replacement Continued…..

Door Handle Replacement
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Installing door handles doesn’t have to be complicated. However there are just a few things you should know about. There are different lengths of handles mainly long plate handles and short plate handles. In order to measure this you need to take the screw to screw measurement, this is often 215mm. Once you have the correct size handle, remove the 2 screws on the old handle and simply pull the handle away from the door, then remove the spindle.

Now you should only be left with the cylinder lock in the door, this can remain. Now put the new handle on and screw back in the old screws you removed. Be sure to lock and unlock the door by lifting the handle to test that it works correctly. Lift the lever and ensure that the door mechanism works and that the hooks and rollers all move correctly.

What are the main types of door handles?

Lever Pad Door Handle Changed
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Essentially there are two main types of handles for upvc and composite doors, these are called lever lever and lever pad. Lever lever is the most common type of door handle and it most likely the one you have. This is where the door handle is the same size, style and position on both the front and back of the door.

A lever pad handle is one where one side (called the pad) is shorter in length than the other side of the handle, usually the pad is in a lower position than the lever and has a PZ measurement of 62mm. The two handles operate separately from each other and are thus known as split spindle handles. Another term for spindle is follower so some people also call these handles split follower locks.


PZ Door Handle
PZ Measurements

Lever pad handles are seen to be more secure than lever lever handles. As essentially they act as a deadlock, as in, once the door is closed shut the door automatically locks from the outside. For example if you are bringing your shopping in and close the door, the door will lock. This is good as it means that your door is locked from the outside, meaning nobody can get in from outside without a key.

However one disadvantage of a lever pad handle lock is that its very easy to get locked out. If you forget to take your key with you and leave it in the house, then as soon as you close the door, you will be locked out. Its at this point you will need to call a local locksmith. If you are based in Leeds including Burley LS4 or nearby we can help.

Replacement UPVC door handles

We provide replacement handles for most UPVC doors and replace lever door handles. With our UPVC door handle replacement service we can replace your handles with the following coloured handles: gold, silver, black, white. Whether you need a front door handle replacement or back door handle replacement, we can help. We can replace the door handles on any door whether it be french doors or even bi-folding doors, we can even replace shed door handles with our shed door handle replacement. Bifold door handle replacement can be a little more complicated than regular upvc door handle replacement so feel free to give us a ring if you need this service.
Perhaps you have suffered from a burglary recently, if so, is your UPVC door handle broken? With our door handle replacement option we can arrive quickly and replace your door handle with new. As a 24/7 locksmith, we can arrive at any time of the day if you are in Leeds or nearby. Door lever replacement is something we do day in day out.
We don’t just replace door handles which are broken. Perhaps your door handle is simply not looking its best and is rather tatty and dated. In this case changing door handles to nice new handles can give your whole door a new fresh appearance. We can even provide garage door handle changes too should they be broken or damaged just get in touch.

What are high security door handles?

High security door handles are handles which are stronger and harder to snap than regular door handles. Regular door handles often get snapped off during robberies. Thats why we like to replace broken door handles as part of our burglary repair service. These handles can be made from hardened steel and are secured by design approved. A popular brand of high security door handles are MILA. If you would like us to upgrade your door handles then give us a call and we can help.
Premium door handles are TS007 2 star approved and comply with PAS 24. Complying with sold secure, you can be sure that these are high quality handles. When providing our door handle replacement, we will measure the PZ and screw to screw measurements of you old door handle to ensure that we have the correct type of handle to replace it with.  Our secure door handles comply with British Standard Kitemark which protect against handle snapping.

Check Out Our Patio Door Handle Replacement

We don’t just replace regular door handles. We can also replace door handles on patio doors or bi folding doors too. Often people ask us if conservatory door handles are the same as other doors such as side door handles. The answer is yes, most UPVC doors use the same type of handles. However for patio doors there are some differences. Patio door handles can be either left or right handed. Screwfix door handles are particularly suitable for patio doors in our opinion as they are high quality and reasonably priced.

External Door Handle Replacement

Exterior door handle replacement usually means your will need a lever lever or lever pad type handle. These offer more security than internal door handles. Internal door handles should not be used on external doors as these will not comply with insurance providers requirements nor comply with British standards. When we provide our outside door handle replacement we ensure that only the highest quality handles are used which are weather resistant. We can even replace handles on bi-folding doors & communal doors too as these often break.

Door Handle Replacement Cost

Some people ask how much does it cost to replace a door handle. Broken door handles doesn’t have to mean the end of the world, however the cost varies greatly according to the type and size of door handles. Some options such as balcony door handle replacement can cost more seen as they are harder to access. Door handle sets can be bought from places like B & Q, however we can provide higher quality locks than the standard handles. The costs of changing UPVC door handles can vary so much, its best you give us a call so that we can discuss it.

Bedroom Door Handle Replacement

We now also provide bedroom door handle replacement for internal doors too, we recently just replaced some lovely handles for a customer in Burley, Leeds.

Adjustable Door Handle Fitting

On the rare occasion that we don’t stock the correct size door handles to suit your door we can use what’s called adjustable door handles. We like to install versa adjustable door handles as these are a reputable brand and are of high quality. Adjustable handles allow us to fit a handle that fits your old door handle no matter what the size.

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