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Do you have problems with your UPVC conservatory door? Here at Lemon Locksmith, we can deal with a range of conservatory door problems such as:

-General Conservatory Door Repair

-Repair doors that wont open

Door Handle Repair

Door Adjustment

-Doors not closing

-Doors catching

Broken Door Mechanism

-Replacement Conservatory Doors

-Replacement Conservatory Door Locks

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Conservatory Door Not Locking

Conservatory Door Repair

If your conservatory door is not locking then this could means that the door mechanism has broken and it could also mean that the door hinges need adjustment. In some cases the door may also need toe and heeling to adjust the door. Conservatory doors usually contain heavy glass panels inside, also known as double glazing.

This is heavier than it looks and over time this can cause the door to drop. Dropped door syndrome happens the door becomes misaligned with the striking plate and you will usually find the door stiff to lock in the weeks prior to it breaking.


upvc conservatory repair
Door Fixed

Often people with this situation need to lift the handle harder and harder when locking the door. This puts great strain on the mechanism parts and eventually causes it to break.

Once this happens, your door can be stuck in the locked position or stuck in the open position meaning it can’t lock at all. It is at this point that you need to call for help. We are a 24/7 emergency locksmith and can attend your property to repair your conservatory door at any time of the day. We are based in Leeds however we cover nearby areas too.

When you call us, we will come out and the first step is we will gain entry and open your door if its jammed shut. If its already stuck open and won’t close then we skip this step. We then take out the screws from the broken mechanism and see which type it is. If it is one which we stock on the van, then we can repair it there and then. Conservatory door locking mechanisms can be tricky things to fix but we can help. Lemon locksmith is our name, repairing upvc doors and conservatory door repair is our game, just give us a ring.

Misty Conservatory Window

If not, we will install a type of temporary lock, called an overnight lock, something you can’t get from b&q,  which will keep your door secure until we return with the correct full multi point lock, usually the next day.

After installing the new locking strip, we will double check to make sure that it locks smoothly, If not, we will adjust the hinges or toe and heel the door until it works perfectly. The door should open and close with little effort and no catching. On the mechanism, the rollers, hooks and shoot bolts should all slide into the striking plate keep smoothly with no catching.


Conservatory Door Glass Repair

Another common problem with conservatory doors it that overtime the double glazed unit in the door can break causing the seal to blow. This can result in misted glass as condensation can get inside and cause the window to steam up. Steamy conservatory windows can be fixed by replacing the glass in the door or window with a new unit. We provide conservatory door repair in Leeds & nearby areas almost weekly and are experts in this field, feel free to give us a ring.

Conservatory Lock Repair
Lock Fixed

The new units last much longer than the old ones due to new technology. We can replace foggy windows for you often in just a few days especially in the Leeds and nearby areas. Replacing misty glass is something we are very experienced with.

Although replacing broken windows is often not something that people would expect a locksmith to do, this comes under the area of door repair which we specialize in.

When we undertake conservatory window replacement we will first need to measure your windows before we can get to work on making the replacement glass. Replacement conservatory glass can also help to insulate your conservatory better than before as they are sealed units with argon gas inside, a poor insulator.

Is Your Conservatory Door Catching?

If your conservatory door is catching every time you open and close the door then this is when you need to do something. This could mean that the door has dropped and need adjusting. Most people unfortunately leave it too late and simply put up with it, often by pushing the door handle up harder with more pressure to lock the door. It is at this point when people should call a door fixer to help however most don’t.

Eventually this causes the conservatory door mechanism to break, not something you want to happen on your nice new conservatory extension. Usually adjusting the hinges will fix misalignment issues, however we can also provide hinge replacement if the old hinges are too badly damaged. Door alignment can also fix this issue by dropping the keep and striking plate to match. Conservatory door hinge repair is a simply operation which we are well practiced in so feel free to contact us.

Often the hinges on your conservatory extension can become damaged and bent over time. Given conservatory prices in the UK you wouldn’t expect these kind of issues to occur, however unfortunately they do, and when they do, feel free to get in touch. As a double glazing locksmith we can help.

Conservatory Door Handle Broken (Floppy Or Spinning Round)

This is an interesting one. Sometimes conservatory door handles can become loose and spin round. People often think that this means their door handles are broken, however in reality, its actually the door mechanism which is broken. Seen as the door handle spindle actually goes through the mechanism, if the mechanism breaks, then it feels like its the handle which is broken.

To repair upvc door mechanism is fairly tricky so it may be best to call a locksmith. As an emergency locksmith, we are at your beck and call day and night and can attend to all Leeds, Shadwell and nearby residents within 45 minutes

Conservatory double glazing repair

We don’t just provide conservatory door repair services. We also repair conservatory glazing. For example often the seal can break on double glazed units causing the inside to mist up known as misty glass. This makes the glass unit foggy inside and steamed up. As a upvc doctor, we can repair the glass by replacing the unit with a new double glazed unit.

Many conservatory fitting companies will try and sell you new doors and frames however this is not necessary as the glass can simply be replaced. We fix conservatory windows and doors day in day out, so feel free to give us a ring. We are a Leeds locksmith and can attend properties in this and nearby areas 24/7. Please not, we do not however provide conservatory roof repair or leaking rooks.

Conservatory Repair In Leeds & Nearby Areas

We have talked a lot about repairing conservatory doors etc. However we also replace window locks too including those inside conservatories. Is your window not locking perhaps. Window handles and hinges often break over time, however all of these parts can either be fixed or replaced. Hinge adjustment can often be used to fix you window issues without needed new parts.

Window lock repair can involve repairing the mechanism inside the window or replacing the handle entirely. UPVC handle replacement is something we often do and we do it confidently. We can supply a range of window handle colours such as white, chrome, gold & more as part of our conservatory door repair services.

Perhaps you are security conscious and are looking for a conservatory door lock change or maybe your door lock is broken. We can change your locks for you either with anti snap locks or high security locks. We are an expert conservatory locksmith who provide locks changing services for you day and night.

Upon completing the job we will also provide you with some tips regarding conservatory maintenance such as using GT85 to spray on the moving parts of windows and doors servicing them. upvc conservatory repair is something which we are very experienced with so if you have any questions just get in touch and ask about our conservatory door repair options including bi-folding door repair. We serve the local leeds areas including LS17, we are often based in areas such as shadwell and provide our locksmith services in all nearby areas.

Conservatory Door Seal Replacement

Has your conservatory door seal gone? These can deteriorate over time and need replacing. There are a large number of different types of seals and we stock most of them. We can also replace the old seal on windows too. As a conservatory repair specialist we can help replace your seals at any time.

Please note, although we are a upvc locksmith, we also provide repairs on sliding conservatory doors too.

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