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Theft is is on the rise, but we are here to help. We provide burglary repair in Leeds & nearby areas. If you have had your house broken into give us a ring and we can help.

Emergency Lock Changes

If criminals have broken into your house, then often one of the first things they steal is the keys. This is so they can come back later and even take you car. We can come and change your locks for new ones so that your old keys no longer work. While we are changing your locks for new ones, we can at the same time upgrade your locks to anti snap types. Anti snap locks are cylinder locks which have a sacrificial snap point which protects against lock snapping. Standard barrel locks in UPVC & composite doors are prone to lock snapping by thieves. Our locks help to protect your home against this type of attack. For those who are extra conscious about security, we can even even install high security locks know as 3* locks such as ULTION.

Burglary Repair Leeds

Door Repair After Burglary

Has your door been broken into by thieves? We can help secure and repair it. Often thieves will kick out the centre panel of your UPVC door by simply kicking it in. We cannot replace this panel immediately, however we can secure it by boarding it up. We can then take measurements while on scene and have your new UPVC centre panel made within days. We will then come and fit the panel securely into your door. You may even wish to consider replacing your UPVC door with a reinforced composite door instead, these are costly but are much more secure than UPVC. Breaking in is most difficult when the door has steel bars inside it like a composite door.

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Three Star Lock Upgrades

Perhaps your old locks have been attacked during an attempted robbery by lock snapping or drilling. We can change your locks to new, high security locks. Some of the brands of locks we like to install are ULTION & ABS. Avocet locks have anti pick technology and have hardened pins inside to protect against drill attacks. Many premium locks also have anti bump features too. Perhaps your doors aren’t UPVC but are wood instead. In this case your door will most likely be using what’s called a mortice lock.

We can replace mortice locks with 5 lever mortice locks such as ERA and union. These contain anti pick levers inside and curtain protection to protect against picking. We can also install extra deadlocks & sashlocks on the top and bottom of your door for extra securing. This can often help to protect against your door been kicked in by theives. Criminals are often put off when they see multiple locks on your door and go elsewhere.

Criminal Break In

Birmingham Bar Installation

We can install Birmingham bars for a wide variety of doors. These doors protect against criminals kicking your door in and breaking your door frame. These fit on the inside of your door in order to reinforce it against forced attacks. Criminals often use force to kick peoples doors in, meaning it doesn’t matter how good of quality your door lock is, the thieves can break in. We also provide door frame repair services as after your door has been kicked in this often rips the door off the hinges and damages the frame. Kick in attacks are actually one of the most common methods of entry criminals use.

Many people think that theives break in by picking or drilling the locks, however often it is by shear brute force. kick in’ attacks. Unfortunately, brute force is also one of the most damaging types of attack for your property. We can also fit a product known as a london bar, this goes over the lock keep on your door and protect it further against brute force attacks.

Breaking In Repair LS6

Shoot Bolt & Rack Bolt Fitting

Your doors may already have good quality locks fitted however perhaps having some extra installed would be a good idea. We can install shoot bolts and rack bolts at the top and bottom of your door. These are locks which are locked internally and have no way to be opened from the outside. Of course this means that they can only be locked when you are actually inside the property. These additional locks just make it that little bit harder for people to kick the door in and protect against forced entry. We can also fit extra deadbolts and British standard mortice locks.

Security Chain Fitting

We can fit security chains to your doors for extra security. Security chains are ideal as these allow people to open the door slightly to see who is at the door. However still protects against forced entry if the person at the door is a criminal. Security chains are not the strongest method of security, and with multiple kicks could be broken. However they just give the occupant those extra few seconds to prepare for the attacker coming in and give your time to try and close the door. When we speak to people who have been robbed, they often don’t realize just how cheap such an item is and wish they had one fitted earlier. Someone else which we provide is repairing yale locks. These are nightlatches which are often broken during brute force robberies where people kick the door in. We can repair these yale locks at a moments notice.

Emergency Locksmith Services

As a 24/7 locksmith we can come out to repair your locks & doors at any time whether day or night. Break ins often happen during the night, and we realize that people don’t want to wait until morning to have their locks repaired. We will answer the phone no matter how late it is as we are used to it. We are a fast response locksmith and can often arrive within 30 minutes of your call or even less.

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In fact just recently we broke our record for our fastest response time by attending a property in the LS6 Hyde Park area within 5 minutes of the call. Been an emergency locksmith means that our vans are always fully stocked with tools and locks so that we are ready to go. When someone has had their valuables stolen, we understand that you may be having a stressful situation and will always be professional and understanding. Having your belongings stolen can be one of the most stressful experiences someone faces in life.

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CRB Checked Locksmith

As professional locksmiths we are all CRB checked. This means that we are checked to ensure that we have no criminal record. We are trusted locksmiths and often work alongside west yorkshire police in Leeds & nearby areas. Not only are we DBS checked. But we are also MLA accredited locksmiths and are trained to city & guilds standards. We are fully trained locksmiths & training in the area of UPVC door & lock repairs.

Sash Jammer Fitting

We often install sash jammers on doors in the west yorkshire area. Sash jammers are essentially items which prevent the door from opening. They can only be locked from the inside so can’t be used if you are going out, unless you leave through another door. However they offer good security once you are inside the house. Seen as they cannot be opened from the outside, these are impossible to pick, drill or attack open like a regular lock. The only way for a criminal to break into a door with sash jammers on is to use massive amounts of force to kick the door in. Criminals often do not like to use this method of entry as it is loud as attracts attention from neighbours.

Peep Hole Fitting

One of the best and cheapest ways of protecting your home is by having a very simple product installed called a peep hole. This is a looking glass which we fit into your door and allows the occupant to look to see who is outside the door prior to opening it. One of the very easy ways that criminals break into properties is by simply using peoples trust against them.

The criminal simply knocks on the door, and when the occupant opens the door to see who’s there, they force the door open and break in because the home owner has time to react. Having a spy hole fitted means you don’t have to open the door in order to see who is outside the door. You simply look through the hole and if you don’t trust the person whos outside you do not answer, or you can call the police. Having one of these installed can also act as a visual deterrent as it lets criminals know that you are security conscious.

Commercial Burglary Repair Services

Perhaps your shop or office building commercial door has been broken into. We can attend often within 30 minutes of your call as a fast response locksmith. We are often working late at night securing business premises in the Yorkshire area. Unfortunately, commercial properties tend to get targeted more often than others seen as many businesses have large amounts of valuables inside them, especially warehouses etc. However units such as high street shops also get targeted often too.

Criminals often attack the glass door locks, known as adams rite lock or simply smash the glass doors on the shop. We can secure your business by replacing the lock with a new one and boarding up or window filming the broken glass. This a temporary measure used to secure properties prior to the new glass been made, seen as new glass panels can take days to be made. Often businesses with roller shutters have their roller shutter locks attacked and damaged too. Because of this, we provider roller shutter lock changing services 24/7.

Door Handle Repair

Often one of the first items which criminals break is your door handles. Now criminals can’t actually break into your home just by breaking your door handles. However what this does mean is that they can then have further access to the lock making it easier to snap out. If your handles have been snapped off we can replace them there and then and match the old colour whether white, chrome. or black. We stock a large variety of handles such as the common 92pz sized and other rarer types. We can not only replace your existing door handles but we can upgrade them too.

We provide high security door handles which have a range of security features. Our handles are TS007 rated handles which are hardened steel and have anti snap protection. They also contain protection which covers part of the lock cylinder face. This makes drilling the lock very hard, as they must first drill through the anti drill plate before they can even start to attack the lock.  Our MILA door handles are Secured by design approved which means they are of the highest standard in security and police approved.


CCTV & Alarm Installation

Here at Lemon Locksmith, we know that the best protection against burglary is in prevention and detection. That’s why we provide a CCTV & alarm installation service. We can install dome camera systems and DVR recording boxes around your home to protect your property. We can also install alarm systems & alarm panels including sirens and flashing lights in order to draw attention during a break in. Our systems can be connected to you mobile phone via a downloadable app which detects motion and sends you an alert.  This allows you to keep an eye on your property when you aren’t at home.

UPVC Door Cosmetic Repair

We are fully trained in how to not only repair broken doors and windows in order to make them secure, but also how to make them look good too. Often doors & window frames become chipped or cracked during a robbery. Well don’t worry, you don’t have to replace your whole window or door frame. You can simple using our magic man services in order to make the door or door frame look as good as new.

Letter Box Protector Fitting

We can fit letter box protection plates to your existing doors letterbox. These are security hoods which go over the inside of the internal letter box hole. These help to restrict access to inside. Often, criminals will try and reach through your letterbox to get your keys etc. The letter box guard protects your letter box opening by helping to prevent thief’s get their arms or hands through your letterbox. Our letterbox guards come complete with fixings. Our letterbox guards will add an additional layer of security to your property, just give us a call.

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