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Change locks to improve your property’s security.

Who knows how many people have a set of keys to your door? If you’ve just moved house, the first thing you should do is change the locks.

At The Leeds Locksmith we have replaced many locks throughout the Leeds and Wakefield area. In some cases this is a pre-emptive measure to improve security; sometimes it’s to make sure that nobody has a copy of the key to the house; and in other times, sadly we have to replace locks due to them being damaged after a break in.

Replace your locks with a high security cylinder such as UltionDon’t worry, I am a reliable local Leeds locksmith who also attends Wakefield and nearby areas.  I carry many tools and stock including high security cylinder locks, mortice locks and new mechanisms for UPVC doors.

Cheapest way to change locks?


If you have the know how and knowledge then it is possible to change your own locks. The process itself only requires a certain number of tools. However the complicated part is making sue you fit the correct size lock. Many people don’t know this but there are many different sizes of locks. If you purchase a lock which is too small, the key will not turn the lock. If however the lock you purchase is too long, it will stick out too far. No only will this look silly, but it will make the lock prone to lock snapping and allow theives to break into your home.

Wherever you are, we can come to you have change your locks. We provide a range of branded cylinder locks such as ULTION, ABS, veras, ERA and Yale locks. Cylinder locks are those which go into UPVC or composite doors. If however you need locks changing in a wooden door then you will most likely need what is called a ‘mortice lock’ changing. We can upgrade your old mortice lock to a 5 lever mortice lock so that it is approved to British Standards and insurance approved.

Moved House & Need To Change Locks? Changing locks new house


If you have recently moved into a new house, then it could be a good be a good idea to get the locks changed. After all, you never know who has a spare copy of the old keys for the locks on a new house, a neighbour perhaps. While we change your locks we could also upgrade them al the same time. We could upgrade your locks to anti-snap police approved locks. These are locks which cannot be snapped by burglars.

We could also go one step further and upgrade your locks to premium locks or three star locks such as YALE or Ultion. As well as anti snap features, three star locks also have anti pick and anti bump technology too. Finally, three star locks such as ABS also have anti drill technology, such as hardened pins within the cylinder lock barrel. These locks usually have a kitemark logo on the front as well as three stars so you know they are premium locks.

We can change locks on windows and change locks on door whether it be UPVC or composite. We can even change locks on your conservatory doors too and have them paired alike. As a local locksmith we offer competitive prices and can often arrive within an hour. Our 24/7 lock changing service is always available at your service. At Lemon Locksmith, we have a range of locks for UPVC doors stocked on our van and ready to go.

Our wide range of barrel cylinder locks will be sure to fit the size of your door. We provide a top quality lock replacement service through your area and can arrive within 45 minutes, just recently we broke our record by arrived on scene at a property in LS16 within 5 minutes! We don’t just change door locks, changing letter box locks is something we also do. For example if you live in an apartment block, often you will have a communal letter box area. Often you don’t know if the previous tenant has your keys to your mail box, because of this we can change your letter box lock for you.

What are cylinder barrel locks?

Cylinder barrel locks are locks which contain pins inside which move up and down when the key is inserted into the lock. Usually these kind of locks are found in UPVC doors, however they can be found on some wooden doors if they contain a euro mortice. These locks are also known as euro cylinders or euro locks. Primarily because these locks are the most common type of locks used throughout europe. America uses the same type of locks for upvc doors, however they call them pin tumbler locks.

How to change a door lock? Change your locks when moving into new house

Are you on a budget? Then perhaps you are looking for ways to change your locks yourself, but how to do it I hear you ask? Well this depends on what type of door you have. If you have a UPVC or composite door then its likely you have a euro cylinder lock, it could be one of many brands such as versa or era. First you need to remove the retaining screw, then insert the key at the 4 o clock position and remove the lock. This would be the most cheapest way to remove locks.

But how do I know how to change a lock on a upvc door?

How to change a front door lock on a UPVC door would be no different from any other door be it the side or back door, they are all the same. The most important part is to get the correct sized lock. Yale door locks are not euro locks and are usually meant for rim cylinders on nightlatches so please don’t confuse the two. If you are really looking for how to change lock on door then please do your research.

That’s all well and good if you have a key, however however I recently had someone ask me how to change barrel lock on upvc door without key. To be honest, it is at this stage where you should call a locksmith. A professional locksmith would use a lock snapping tool to break the lock out in this situation.

This tool would cost more than the cost to call a locksmith. There are many types of door locks and some cannot be broken out easily if they have a strengthened core, and you may end up damaging your door mechanism. Changing locks on a door is something that really isn’t as easy at it seems, we would highly recommend calling a local locksmith to do this for you. Having them installed by a reliable locksmith can also make sure your locks meet insurance approved lock standards.

If you insist on giving it a try yourself, there are many places that sell cylinder locks such as toolstation or screwfix. A screwfix cylinder lock may be cheap, however be sure to obtain a good quality, anti snap brand. Euro cylinder lock b&q can also be a good option, but once again, ensure that they are top of the range locks.

Also please note that all doors have the same locks whether it be the front or back door. Someone once asked me about front door locks screwfix sold, I had to explain that the front door locks are the same as any other door. Please note, wickes door locks, in my opinion are of low quality and I would avoid them if possible.

How much to change locks? Costs of lock changes.

How much does it cost to have a locksmith change locks. The costs a locksmith charges to change locks depend on the type of locks you require. For a cheap lock change this can cost as little as fifty pounds. However for a premium lock change this can be up to ninety to one hundred and fifty pounds.

The cost of locksmith to change locks also depends on the time of day. Calling out a locksmith to change the locks during daytime working hours would be much cheaper than calling in the evening out of hours. Although many locksmiths offer a 24/7 locksmith service, they do charge more for the later hours.

Roughly how much does it cost to change the locks in an apartment?

Its exactly the same as changing the locks in a house, apartments, flats & houses all use the same type of locks. Please be sure to describe your door correctly when calling a locksmith as there are many UPVC door lock types, you want to make sure your locksmith is carrying the correct type of lock. How much to change front door lock is exactly the same as the back or side door lock, there is no different, all doors in your house use the same locks. Just last week we replaced all of the locks in a house in Bramhope Leeds after this unlucky person had their keys taken.

Internal Door Locks Vs External Door Locks

External door locks are often of higher security than internal door locks. External doors are what protects your home against break ins and theft. However internal door locks are mainly for privacy reasons to restrict access to certain rooms. For example, on internal wooden doors, perhaps for an office room, usually a 3 lever mortice lock would be used.

However for an external wooden door lock, a 5 lever mortice lock would be used. Bedroom door locks are usually just bolts which are locked from the inside for privacy or latches. Bathroom door locks are usually very low security locks as they need to be accessible in case somebody gets stuck in the bathroom of a business. External door locks often need to comply to British standards in order to be insurance approved. Whereas internal locks usually have no such requirements. Yale locks are a type of lock which we install on wooden doors as a secondary lock, this type of locks lock automatically once the door is closed for extra security.

What are some common UPVC door locks problems?

Some common door lock problems can be seized or rusted pins inside the lock barrel cylinder. Over time the pins can jam and prevent the key from going in, or even prevent the key from coming out resulting in a stuck key in lock scenario. Another common lock problem could be glued locks. Yes, sometimes we come across people who have had their locks glued in pranks by children. In both of these situations you would need the locks to be changed.

But fear not, whether it be a front door lock replacement, back door or side door, we can help. Reykeying locks is also a service we provide. This involves remove the pins are changing them with new ones, thereby reykeying the locks. However this is often more work than simply replacing the locks with new ones. If the cost to rekey a lock is higher than the cost to change a locks then you may as well have a new one.

Commercial Lock Changing Services

Please note we now offer lock changing services for businesses too. We can change locks as part of a master keyed system for your business or change locks on glass doors to be keyed alike. Glass door locks are common on high street shop front doors and can be either changed or upgraded for security. We can even change the locks on your buildings communal doors if they ever become broken or damaged. We can also replace locks on your businesses roller shutters such as bullet locks and oval locks should you or your employees have lost the keys. Till locks are another common replacement which we provide. For example if an ex member of staff leaves there business with a spare set of keys the till counter lock may need changing.

Changing Gate Locks

We now also provide gate lock changing services if you need the locks changing on your metal or wooden gates. Perhaps your old lock has seized up and broken, or perhaps you have lost the keys and need the gate lock changing for security reasons. We can install high quality gate master locks with double throw technology.

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