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Here at Lemon Locksmith we are considered a bi-folding door locksmith. This is because we repair a range of bi-folding doors on homes & conservatories. Many locksmiths run away from bi-folding door repairs as they can be very tricky, however we are up to the challenge.

What are the problems with bifold doors? Where to begin…

We can repair bi-folding door mechanisms which have broken. Often when the happens the bi-folding doors end up stuck and won’t open. Replacing the mechanism or gearbox is something which we do almost weekly. Repairing bi-folding doors can be a two many job as often we need to lift the doors off of the running tracks in order to repair them, however we can do this.

Replace Locks On Bi-folding Doors

We can repair and replace the locks on your bi-folding doors. Perhaps your current bi-folding door lock has broken and needs replacing. Or perhaps you have lost the keys and wish to change the locks for security related reasons. We can change and upgrade your locks to anti-snap locks meaning they harder for thieves to break into.

Bi-folding doors come in a range of types such as aluminium bi-folding doors & timber. No matter what material, we can repair your bi-folding door in no time. Whether your doors are 3 panel or 4 panel, no job is too big for us. So just remember, when your nice new howdens bi-folding doors have problems, don’t replace them, fix them, give us a call. We often repair wicks bi-folding doors for customers and are very experienced in this area of repair.

Running Tracks Repaired
Running Tracks Repaired

Bi-Folding Conservatory Door Repair

We fix a wide range of conservatory doors including conservatory bi-folding doors. Perhaps the doors have some off of the track, we can lift it back on. Or perhaps the lock has stopped working and will no longer lock, we can repair or replace it. Internal bi-folding doors & external bi-folding doors makes no difference to us, we are not scared of a challenge and can repair any issue when repairing these kind of doors.

People often call bi-folding doors french doors. This is technically incorrect but it doesn’t bother us, so yes, we can also repair french doors too no matter how many leaf sections they have.

Do Bi-fold doors open in or out?

These doors can be installed to open both in or out. However from what we see, most people choose to have the doors opening outwards. This is because there is often much more space outside than inside so people usually make use of this outside space. to have bifolding doors opening inwards may take up a lot of space and cause inconvience.

Fixing Frameless Bi-Folding Doors

Repairing broken frameless bi-folding doors really is no different for us. We can repair these type of sliding doors just the same as any other type of bi-folding door. For example the cortizo frameless bi-folding door is one which we repair frequently, and we are experienced with doing so. People spend a lot of money in order to install there nice new travis perkins bi-folding doors.

However occasionally they do break and need fixing, we can help to repair these folding doors in the unfortunate event that the original manufacturer are too busy to help. Bi-folding patio doors have just the same problems as standard external bi-folding doors and need repairing too every so often. People often think that bespoke bi-folding doors are immune from breaking seen as they are more expensive, however this isn’t the case, these need repairing just as often as normal doors.

Bi-Folding Door Locksmith Leeds
Bi-Folding Door Locksmith

Do you provide balcony bi-folding door repair?

Yes, we also repair balcony bi-folding doors. We are fully trained at doing so and have been repairing these doors in the Leeds & nearby areas frequently throughout the years. In fact recently we repaired a large 8 leaf bi-folding door for a very wealthy customer. This was in the Alwoodley LS17 area and involved removing all of the doors from the internal running tracks, a team of people were required to help when repairing this, however we got it done.

We aim to be a professional yet also cheap locksmith, we can do this seen as we are not a large national company. We are simply a local locksmith which have low over heads. We specialize in a range of door repair from a whole range of doors.

Bi-Folding Door Locksmith Here To Help

The term, bi-folding door locksmith, may sound rather strange as most people think of a locksmith as somebody who just picks locks. However there is much more to been a locksmith than simply lock picking. Repairing broken doors (UPVC, Composite, Bi-folding doors & sliding door repair) is actually the bulk of our work. So don’t feel that you need to pay an expensive builder to repair your doors, just call us instead.

Often people have problems with the running tracks on UPVC doors & also the multi-point locking system. We can replace & repair these as we keep our vans stocked with the most common types of mechanisms for these doors. We also carry various types of shoot bolts and high security hinges as sometimes these need replacing too.

3 Leaf bifolding door repair
3 Leaf bifolding door repair

Which is the best bi-folding door?

There is no best. If by best you mean most expensive then in our opinion, solid oak bifolding doors would be the most expensive, however this does not make them the best. All bifolding doors use the same hardware and running tracks, and all have the same issues which go wong.

We can check your doors are running smoothly and can adjust the rollers to make them run correctly. Seen as we are a fast response, 24/7 locksmith, we can often arrive on scene within 45 minutes of your call. With all these problems mentioned, you may be thinking, are bifolding doors a good idea? However don’t be too put off, they are very modern and stylish doors.

Can you get a 2 door bifold?

We don’t actually install bifolding doors, we just fix them. However yes, you can get 2 door bifolding doors by most folding door installation companies.

Sometimes people have problems with the running tracks on their folding doors. We can correct them to ensure smooth opening to the outside or inside. We think that bi-folding doors are a great addition to a home, they let light into the home and allow for the outside to enter the inside.

However they do break occasionally, and when that happens, be sure to get in touch.  We are city & guilds qualified locksmiths, complete with DBS check and MLA locksmith qualified. We aim to be the number one bi-folding door locksmith in the area and won’t let you down.

How do bifold doors work?

Bifold doors essentially run on tracking systems on rollers. Over time these rollers can wear out and come off the tracks. These then need adjusting and lifting back onto the tracks. This is big job which takes multiple people to lift them up, as professional locksmiths we have a team of people who can help do this.

How wide can bifold doors be?

These doors can be made bespoke so can be as wide as you require, however we do not make bifolding doors, we just repair them.

How much are bi-fold doors?

Bi-folding doors can be very expensive, thats why you should wish to maintain and fix them as much as possible. People spend a lot of money on thier doors and it would be a real shame to have to replace them. Usually however we can repair them which saves you money. Once again, we do not install bi-folding doors, we simply repair them and fix them when broken.

What is the maximum number of bi-fold sections?

There is no maximum number of leaf’s in total. However in general we rarely see more than 4 to 6 sections. This is because the more leafs you have, the heavier the doors are to open.

We only cover areas in the Yorkshire area. For areas down south we recommend you use: The Sliding Door Repair Company

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