What is Access Control?

Access control system with digital card reader and key padQuite literally, it's how you control access to different areas of your premises. Different staff members usually require different levels of access; some areas may be completely off limits, others might be time of day controlled. You may want to offer guest access for visitors or for temporary staff or those who visit the premises infrequently, such as agency workers or cleaners. In buildings such as hotels, access to different rooms may need to be reset on a daily basis or even more frequently, and logs kept of who opened which door and when. Remote work and the pandemic has made all this more important than ever, and lone worker protections must be considered, as well as access being updated and granted remotely while maintaining security. All of this can be achieved with a good access control system.

It's possible to keep an event log and view reports, so you can tell who has been where, and when. Your access control system can be linked to your alarm or your CCTV system, giving you even better protection. If someone forgets a code or PIN or loses their access card or fob, you can set them up with a new one instead of having to call out the professionals every time. In the long term, a great access control system will save you time, money and hassle.

Lemon Locksmith can advise you on the best access control solution for your premises, supply and fit hardware and offer ongoing support and maintenance.

How does a digital access control system compare to traditional locks and keys?

Keys can be lost or stolen. The more doors in a building, the more difficult it is to keep track of all the different keys for different areas and who has access to each. Changing a lock when an employee or tenant leaves is much more hassle then simply changing a code!

Why use Lemon Locksmith?

There are many access control systems available, but finding the right one for your specific premises is difficult without the help of an expert. How many people go through the door on a daily basis? Is it an internal or external door? Do guests require access too? Would you need to be able to view access logs in the event of a security breach? Do you need to tie in to the CCTV? The answers to all of these questions would affect which kind of system you need. A cheap code lock, for example, won't last long on an external door that's used by all employees several times daily. In fact, there is currently only one mechanical push button code lock on the market that meets the requirements of the insurance companies as a stand alone code lock! Yet many companies dangerously trust, unwittingly, inferior products which offer almost no security to keep their staff and business contents safe...

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