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Here at Lemon Locksmith we provide multi point lock repair for residents in Leeds & nearby areas. A multi point lock is the 3 point locking mechanism used on composite and UPVC doors. If you have a jammed door or your door is stuck and won’t open then the problem is likely with the mechanism. Give us a call on: 07721876571


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Door Mechanism Repair Services

Replace Door Mechanism
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At Lemon Locksmith we provide a range of door mechanism repair services. A common problem with UPVC doors is that the mechanism breaks, sometimes in the open position and sometimes in the closed position meaning you can’t get the door open. This can happen when the door drops over time causing it to misalign with the striking plate.




This puts pressure on the internal gearbox (which is a part of the mechanism) and causes the weakest part inside to break. Once this happens there is no way to repair your mechanism, it will certainly need a new one. As a Leeds Locksmith, replacing mechanisms is some we do week in week out in the leeds and nearby areas, if you need us to replace your mechanism just get in touch.

How to identify your multi point lock?

So perhaps you are considering to try and replace your upvc door mechanism yourself. Well done, that’s very brave of you. There are many different types of 3 point lock including different brands and sizes so you need to make sure you choose the correct one. To identify the correct brand first look on the outside faceplate of the mechanism. The facebar is the outside part of the mechanism and will usually say the brand on it such as as winkhaus or ERA vectus, be sure to make a note of this. Next you will need to measure the backset of the gearbox.


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The backset is usually 35mm or 45mm in depth. This can be measured by measuring from the centre of the spindle hole to the edge of the mechanism. It’s also a good idea to measure the PZ measurement which is the distance between the follower hole and the keyhole where the cylinder lock goes. Be sure to also check the size of the facebar on the locking strip. Most of the facebar sizes are 16mm, however its best to check.



Next you need to look and see what’s on the outside of the mechanism. All door mechanisms will contain either mushrooms, rollers, hooks or security pins which lock into the side keep of the door.

Rollers and mushrooms are slightly different, rollers are shaped like small cylinders and mushrooms are shaped like a mushroom (surprisingly). In terms of the hooks there are two types. There are upward hooks and downward hooks, often two at the top and two at the bottom. Make a note of how many hooks or pins there are. It’s also worth checking to see if your door has shootbolts, these are located at the door and bottom of the door.


How to fix a UPVC door lock mechanism continued….

Now measure the distance between the rollers and make a note of this.  Now you can take this information to a local lock hardware shop and they should be able to help provide you with the correct multi point lock for replacement, they should stock most common brands such as Mila and FUHR. Is your multipoint lock not working, then we at Lemon Locksmith provide can replace mechanisms for people in Leeds and surrounding areas, just give us a ring. We can even repair & fix broken bi-folding door mechanisms too.


Are your UPVC door handles floppy? This could mean a broken mechanism

Often we receive phone calls from the lovely people of Leeds and they explain that they need a new door handle as the door handle is broken. Sometimes the handle is spinning round, so it makes sense to think that the handle is damaged. Often when we remove the door handle, we find that it is infact working fine and it is the actually mechanism which the door handle attaches to which is broken. You see the handle attaches to the mechanism through the spindle hole also known as the follower hole.

The follower hole contains coiled springs inside which help return the door handle to its resting place after use. If this part breaks (which it often does) then this means there is nothing helping the handle return to its resting place. This makes people think that the handle is broken when actually it is the locking strip. When this happens the locking strip will need a door mechanism repair service.

Now sometimes it really can just be a case of a faulty handle, in which case you are in luck as this is cheaper to replace than a mechanism. Depending on what type of mechanism you have, this either means that you need to have either the locking mechanism replacing or the gearbox itself. We do also repair faulty door handles too if it is the handle which is damaged.

Door stiff to lock? or Door wont open?

A door which is hard to lock is the first sign of trouble with your door. This usually means that your door has dropped and needs adjusting. The door can usually be adjusted using two methods. One is to toe and heel the door using special tools by removing the beading and lifting the door. This will remove pressure from the three point door lock and allow it to operate correctly.

How to adjust UPVC door locking mechanism

Door Mechanism Repair Leeds
Fixing Door Mechanism

Another simpler method is by adjusting the hinges which can often be done with just an allen key. Both of these methods can raise the door into the correct position. Unfortunately most people don’t deal with stiff doors in time and they leave it too late resulting in a door stuck which won’t open.

When the door had dropped like this it puts great pressure on the door mechanism and something usually breaks. Its at this point that the door is either stuck shut or cannot lock. You will almost certainly need to call a locksmith at this point to both open the door for you and then replace the mechanism. As we are an emergency locksmith we can provide a door mechanism repair service for you at any time of the day.

Here at Lemon Locksmith, we stock a wide range of mechanisms such as Yale mechanisms and Lockmaster. In the rare event that we don’t carry the correct size locking strip for your door, we can fit a temporary lock known as an overnight gearbox. Seen as we are a mobile locksmith we can then go and source the part and return the next day to fit the correct and full locking strip.

How to repair a broken door latch?

Sometimes the latch on your UPVC door can stay stuck out and not go back in meaning the door cannot lock. Sometimes this can just mean that the screws which hold the latch have come loose and need tightening. However often it can be a sign of a more serious internal problem where the multi point lock is damaged.

A fault door mechanism can be replaced however usually cannot be repaired. If you don’t have the budget to have a new mechanism installed then some people simply remove the latch. This isn’t ideal however it doesn’t effect the security of your door. You see, the latch only clicks the door shut for convenience and is not actually a lock. As lock as the hooks, rollers and mushrooms still operating and move then it is secure.

How to Replace A Broken Gearbox?

First of all you need to know, should you replace the gearbox at all. You need to check to see if the problem is with the gearbox or the cylinder lock. A locksmith can test this for you by removing the barrel lock and using a multi tool to throw the lock. If the lock bolt throws then this shows that the gearbox works. If it doesn’t throw then the gearbox will need replacing. Remove the handles, screws and spindle to remove the gearbox.

You may need to use a torx head screw driver to remove the screws from the gearbox, however once done, take the gearbox to a local hardware store to find a replacement. Some gearboxes have to be ordered in, in this case people install sash jammers to act as a temporary securing measure. Replacing multi point door locks can be tricky, if you don’t wish to give it a go yourself then it may be best to call a domestic locksmith.

Is your key broken or snapped in the lock?

Often we attend jobs where the key is snapped off or broken in the lock or won’t remove from the lock when turned. We often come across this when seeing problems with composite doors and UPVC. With door mechanism repair, when this happens it is almost certainly a sign that there is either a problem with the cylinder lock or the actual mechanism which the cylinder lock goes into. Often the key will not fully turn in the lock making people think their is a problem with the actual lock.

When this happens the key will first need to be removed. Only then the cylinder removed from the door by removing the retaining screw and taking the barrel lock out. Turn the lock with another key while out of the door and see if the cam turns. If the cam turns then this means your lock is working, and the real problem is with the locking strip. Part of the locking strip which often breaks is called the gearbox, this can be replaced.

What if the door handle won’t lift up

If your door handle won’t lift up to lock the door, then this is almost certainly a sign of a damaged door mechanism. It’s no use just replacing the handle as this is not the problem. When this happens the door will need adjusting or lifting to align it in the correct position. Then the damaged three point lock will most likely need to be replaced. In door mechanism repair, replacing the multi point lock is possible to do yourself as long as its not a tricky one such as the mila mechanism, many multi point locking kits can be bought online or at found at screwfix.

Multi Point Locking System For Composite Doors

Multi point locks for composite doors work in exactly the same was as locking mechanisms for UPVC doors. They are installed and replaced in exactly the same way. The only difference between locking mechanisms for composite doors is that they don’t use rollers or mushrooms. They sit flush with the side of the door and only contain hooks and a bolt in the middle which shoots out.

Hooks act as a type of anti-separation device which help prevent the door from been prized open. Regardless of the type of locking strip, they all need maintaining to avoid wear and tear. It’s a good idea to use GT85 to oil the mechanisms every so often. Also occasionally check the alignment of the door to check that it is aligned with the strike receiver.

Will replacing a faulty euro cylinder fix my mechanism?

Quite simply no. A broken cylinder lock is a completely separate item from the multi point lock. The cylinder lock does indeed go into the gearbox of the mechanism, however is not part of it. It can be the case that sometimes the barrel lock becomes faulty and needs replacing. However please make sure that the cylinder lock is the actual problem before replacing it. Remove the retaining screw and take the lock out of the door and then turn it with the key to see if it works outside of the door locking mech.


How much is the cost to replace a door mechanism?

The cost to replace a multi point lock can vary according to the type of brand it is. Some locking strips such as Fullex can be cheaper to replace than or example an ERA vectus. On average you can expect any locksmith to charge at least between £200 to £300 for door mechanism repair. Some mechanisms such as the GU gearbox can contain a split spindle for lever / pad door handles, these can cost slightly more.

Some companies will trick people by telling them that they can replace the ‘lock’ for the for around £70. However they are referring to the cylinder lock and not he locking mechanism. They know full well that the customer doesn’t need to cylinder lock replacing. Sure enough, when the locksmith turns up, he explains they they don’t actually need a new cylinder lock, they need a new 3 point locking mechanism.


Replacing door mechanisms in patio doors and conservatory doors

If you need a new multi point locking mechanism for your patio door or conservatory door then this is done in the exact same way as any other door. The door mechanisms are the same for any upvc or composite door whether it be the front door or back door. People sometimes tend to think that for example a side door has a different mechanism to the rear door however this isn’t the case. Also people often get confused about french door mechanisms due to the funny sounding name. Its just another door with the same old mechanism inside be it a UPVC door or a balcony door.

Once type of door which is however a little different inside is called the bi-folding door. Bi-folding door mechanisms are very different to standard UPVC door mechanisms. These mechanisms are hard to replace, even for a professional locksmith, please don’t try it. Particularly tricky gearboxes to replace are avantis and avocet so if you come across these take great care.


Can a uPVC door be repaired?

It depends on what you mean by ‘repairing a door’. There are lots of different parts of a door which can break such as the lock, the handle or even the hinges. However in our experience the most common part which breaks is the moving parts, and this means the multi point locking mechanism. In this case than yes the door can be repaired.

As a local locksmith we can repair your UPVC door locking mechanism quickly and effectively. We can even repair sliding door multi point locks which can be particularly specialised. Fitting multi point locks isn’t always straight forward, so please think carefully before doing so and make sure you are up to the challenge.

What is the best brand of Multi Point Lock?

There are many types of locking strips and many brands such as the assa abloy multi point lock or milenco locking mechanism. Generally locking door mechanisms that use hooks are more secure than those which just use rollers as they are harder to prize open.

In our opinion, the best brand of mechanism are ones which are common and easily replaceable when they break. Brands such as roto and fullex can be hard to get hold of should they break, whereas brands such as ERA are more common and easier to source.


Is your door lock mechanism sticking or catching?

This is the first sign that your door has dropped. Its best to sort this out now before it drops further. The more the door drops then the more strain this puts on the mechanism which will eventually cause it to break. Door mechanisms are actually quite fragile especially certain brands such as the cisa multi point lock and can break if not aligned correctly with the striker plate meaning you will need to use a door mechanism repair service. If the door drops too much then eventually this means that the door won’t lock when closed.

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