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Boarding Up Leeds & Nearby

Lemon Locksmith provides a 24/7 emergency boarding up service to temporarily secure your property. We can also return and carry out the necessary repair work at a time to suit you.

Property Secured
Smashed Glass At Harley Davidson In Leeds – Boarded Up & Secured

Maybe you’ve been burgled, or a window has been broken accidentally, or maybe you’re just doing renovations – whatever the situation, whatever time of day or night, Lemon Locksmith is here to help with our emergency boarding up service, making your home or business safe and secure until repairs can be carried out.

Emergency? Call Andy: 07721876571 for a quick response!

Our boarding up service gives you:

  • Peace of mind – you can leave the property knowing it’s secured;
  • Breathing space – instead of having to pay for emergency glazing work, this gives you an affordable stopgap and some time to make a decision about what repair work you need done;
  • Free estimate – if you’re having a window boarded up as a temporary measure because of damage, we can give you an idea of how much the repair work will cost if we carry it out for you;
  • Genuinely local service – no call centres or hours of waiting for a national company to attend your property.

    Emergency boarding up service
    Lemon Locksmith offers emergency boarding up of windows and shop fronts

Scheduled boarding up for renovations or events

It’s not only in emergencies that you might need your windows or shop front boarded up – during large scale public events or if your property is undergoing renovations, you might have a need for our services too. That’s no problem – get in touch and we can schedule your boarding up in advance. If you need a longer term solution, though, talk to us about our other locksmith and security services to boost your property’s security.


board up pub

Full Emergency Boarding Up Service in Leeds and Surrounding Areas

We also provide a follow-up service including double glazing and window repair, replacement locks and other security hardware for both doors and windows.

  • 24/7 emergency boarding up service
  • Scheduled boarding up service available e.g. for renovations or events
  • Domestic and commercial boarding up
  • Follow-up locksmith and double glazing repair services
  • Rapid response times in Leeds and surrounding areas
  • No call-out fee or hidden costs
  • A trusted local locksmith and security company

We also offer a full range of services for doors including a comprehensive locksmith service for homes and businesses in the areas of LeedsMorleyWakefieldBradfordHarrogateHuddersfield and Halifax.

door boarding up

Call Andy: 07721876571 or use the contact form to get in touch!


Recent boarding up news:

Check out this store front in Leeds which needed boarding up. A drunk driver lost control and smashed straight through the wall. Lesson learnt folks. When drinking take a taxi. This is the before picture, the driver must have been going quiet fast to cause such damage:

This is the after picture after the emergency boarding up was complete. We used 11mm board to ensure the property was nice and secure while the store waits for the new wall and glazing to be built. Only in Leeds. The property was nice and secure after we had finished with our high quality OSB wooden boards which protected the property and stopped people from going inside. We take great care to secure any property in a way which we would expect someone to secure our very own property should ours be damaged. We believe that everyone deserves to have their property protected properly and securely.

Weekly Update: See below a small board up we did in Leeds today. The tenant of this property had a broken UPVC window which he broke by accident! Now the window is boarded and secure and ready for replacement glass. No job is too small for us in the boarding up game. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small bathroom window or a large living room window, we can help.

Boarding Up In Leeds
Boarding Up In Leeds


Laminated Glass


It’s unfortunate that in Leeds there is a lot of crime and as a result of this lots of broken doors and windows which need replacing. Many windows are not laminated which means that they can easily be broken during a robbery. It is possible have your glass units replaced with laminated glass panels however most people don’t think about doing this until after the window has been broken, often during a robbery.

Many people unfortunately make the mistake of hearing that their windows are made from toughened glass and assume that this means the glass cannot be broken. Well toughened glass just means that when the glass is broken it shatters into lots of small harmless pieces as opposed to long sharp shards. This is a safety requirement and is usually a requirement for windows which are at floor level for example rear patio / garden French doors. This is because at this level, people including children are more prone to falling into / through the glass by accident.

Laminated glass on the other hand is different. Basically laminated glass is, as it says, laminated. It has a layer of plastic over it, or sometimes in the middle of the glass, so that if it is broken, it still stays together. Laminated glass is vey strong and can essentially be hit many times and the person hitting it would struggle to get through. They may get through eventually, however would have to hit it so many times, and create so much noise, that it would attract attention. Most thief’s would give up after a couple of hits when trying to break into your property as they are put off by the noise. Laminated glass is more expensive than regular or toughened glass however not by much, we estimate it is around 20% more expensive.


When you bear in mind that a large amount of the cost of replacing glass is in the labour costs of collecting the glass and fitting the glass, I personally think it makes sense to pay extra for laminated glass. If the glass is hit then yes, it may crack which means you will most likely have to pay for a replacement pane of glass. However at least it did it’s job in stopping people from getting into your property. Usually if laminated glass is cracked either during an attempted robbery or by accident, it wouldn’t even need boarding up. As the laminated sections covering the glass hold the glass together.

Boarding Up Commercial Or Residential

smashed window boarded


We will of course come and board up a cracked laminated glass pane if you require, however I wouldn’t bother personally.
In Leeds there can unfortunately be a lot of crime at night. Many doors and windows get smashed every single day. Just this week we did boarding up work in Pudsey, Harehills and Seacroft. Often when somebody gets their window broken, they don’t know who to call. If the police attend on scene, they will often recommend a large national company to come and board up your windows. I know this as I work for them too. This company has the police contract in lots of cities around the UK and are often recommended by the police. Seen as we are a small, local company, we have less overheads and can often provide our boarding up services much cheaper than the large national companies.

We don’t just offer boarding up services for residential properties. We also provide services for commercial buildings / businesses also. Just last week we boarded up a car showroom in Adel which was broken into. We secured the broken glass in the property within the hour and took the measurements for the glass while there. We could then order the glass to be made immediately and return within just a few days to replace the glass. As professional window boarders, we use a range of board thicknesses when securing your properties.

Are usual board thickness is 11mm OSB board. For more people this is strong enough to provide a temporary secure of the window or door. However if the property which requires boarding is going to be left for a long time before having new windows or doors, for example on abandoned or derelict properties, then we offer other options. For these kind of properties we recommend using plywood instead of OSB board, as this lasts for much longer than standard OSB board. It is stronger in it’s construction and can usually withstand attacks from people trying to break it. At present we do not offer the service of fitting metal sheets for windows or doors, however this is something we may look into. For now we just provide boarding up services using wood and OSB in and around the Leeds areas.

Broken Insecure Door
This door was left insecure and needed securing


Boarded Up Door In Kirkstall
This was a door we boarded up and secured

Boarding Up More Than Just Windows

We don’t just board up small things like windows and doors. We can board up and secure almost anything. Check out this garage door we recently boarded up and secured in Armley. This job was a bit different to most jobs as it wasn’t related to a robbery. The owner of this garage has unfortunately reversed their car into their garage door by accident and damaged it. They couldn’t leave it open as there were expensive tools inside the garage too. They called a garage repair company who informed them that it would take up to 3 weeks to have a new garage door installed. In the meantime they wisely called us to board the garage up and secure it in the meantime. Our 11mm OSB board was used in order to board up the garage.

Garage Door Boarded Up
Garage Door Protected With Boarding

Some jobs can be more complicated than others, for example recently in Leeds we went to a commercial building to board it up however it was all made from glass. As you may well know, you certainly can’t simply screw wooden boards into glass. Luckily we are experienced with this situation and we knew what to do. We made a wooden frame using batons which the boards were then attached to. This means that the property wasn’t damaged at all and was left in tact.


Window Filming

Sometimes boarding up a window or door is not the best solution. For example sometimes a window is not fully smashed, however is cracked or shattered and is ready to fall to pieces at any moment. In this situation it would be cheaper and most cost effective to use a window film to protect the glass. We provide a window filming service where we apply a layer of window film to the broken window in order hold it all together. This provides a great deal of strength to the window and makes it secure again. One advantage of window filming as opposed to window boarding is that you still get some light through the window. This can be especially important if you have a low amount of light in your property. Perhaps this broken window is the only in the room and boarding it up would block the light completely. For rooms where there is more than one window, boarding up one window wouldn’t be such an issue. However if its the only window in the room, boarding it up will most likely block the light.

metal board up

Because of this in this situation we would recommend filming the window to hold it together while at the same time letting light through.
Our OSB and plywood boards and stored in dry facilities as opposed to outside in the elements. This means that our boards retain their strength and are not weakened over time. Some companies store their boards outside and when they get wet they can get weak and soft. In order to provide the best quality boarding up service, we believe it is essential to use dry stored wooden boards. When boarding up windows and doors, this is your protection from the outside. You need to be safe and rest assured that your boarding up is secure and strong in order to protect your property.

Here at Lemon Locksmith boarding up we work a whole range of hours in the Leeds area. Be it day or night, we strive to provide you with the best service in securing your property. We will answer the call be it day or night and will make every effort to often arrive within the hour. Just last week we went to a board up job in Leeds. It was 3am in the morning and freezing cold, but we still arrived within the hour. You see we always have someone on call no matter what time of the day it is. Our vans are always loaded with board and ready to go. We don’t have to fill the van up before setting off. We are stocked and good to go at any time. Our boards are kept in dry storage so that they stay strong and secure. We also stock our vans with window film so that we can film any shattered windows also.

Glazing & Boarding

We don’t just provide boarding up services however. We also provide glazing and window replacements too. Of course we can replace broken windows as part of our board up service, this is the main bulk of work that we do. However we can also replace windows which is misty or steamed up. This can happen when the seal has gone in the glass unit and the argon gas inside it escapes. There is now need to get brand new windows and frames as only the glass needs replacing. With misty windows we don’t need to board them up first as they are still secure. We can simply manufacture the correct size glass and replace it.vacant property secured

We don’t just board up one window or door. We also can board up large vacant properties which need securing for the long term. For example last month we boarded up a vacant pub in burley. In total this pub has 15 windows and 2 doors which needed securing. Seen as this was not an emergency boarding, as it was booked in advance, we could fit it in around our schedule and offer the customer a very competitive price. We boarded up the windows with high quality plywood as this is stronger than standard OSB board. We did this as with derelict properties like this, they can often by left in this state for years prior to been demolished or refurbished. Our plywood acts as a strong barrier protecting the property over years if necessary. So if you ever need any boarding up Leeds feel free to give us a call, be it day or night. Our window boarders are ready for you call in event of your window getting broken and needing boarding up. Often this can happen at night however this is not a problem, we will still come out and secure your property even if its late.

window boarder

Did you know that we also provide the service of fitting cat or dog flaps into glass windows? Often people have back French doors which are solid glass and people has pets which need to get out to the back garden. It can be quite a lot of hassle when your pet is at home and you are at work as this makes it difficult to let the animal out. We however can install a pet flap into your glass door. So there you go, we don’t just provide boarding up services, basically we provide any service which relate to windows, glass or boarding up. We can go anywhere in the Leeds or Yorkshire area. Our vans are small enough to go to hard to reach places such as country roads, so don’t worry. Our boarding up services are the best in the county and will help you feel safe and sound knowing that your property is fully secure from outside threats. If you can’t talk on the phone right now, feel free to email us or get in touch using the form below. We will aim to respond to you within 1 working day and we can discuss your boarding up needs.


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