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The only locksmith company in the U.K. which is both:






We at Lemon Locksmith are a professional locksmith company which is MLA certified. The MLA is the most prestigious locksmith training company in the U.K. We have passed all requirements and tests of the MLA. Should you wish to check this simply google search for: ”MLA + Lemon Locksmith”. This means that we are classed as a master locksmith and can ensure high quality workmanship.

We are also certified and verified by the ALOA. Essentially, the MLA is the authority figure on the locksmith industry in the U.K. & the ALOA is the locksmith authority for the U.S. & world, both organisations have a close relationship. Should you wish to check this simply google search for: ”ALOA + Lemon Locksmith”.

By been a member of these organizations, this lets you know that we have undertaken vigorous testing and vetting. You also have the added benefit that, in the unlikely event that you are not happy with our work, you can report us to these organisations. It may sound strange to say that, however we believe it is important that a company can be held to account in the event that things go wrong. Please note however, this has never happened as we always ensure every job is completed to the highest standard.

We are also verified by checkatrade and have a very good google review profile. Be sure you read some of our reviews on there.

See below a recent commercial job we have completed at the Global Banking School in Leeds. This was a very large job for a banking University which required locks installing into every classroom door.


The number 1 Commercial Locksmith in the UK (In our opinion)


Lemon Locksmith offers a complete service for businesses in Bradford, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Leeds, Morley and Wakefield. We are all DBS checked and city & guild certified so that you can trust us with our work at your company.

We can offer an emergency commercial locksmith service whereby we offer 24/7 call out to attend your properties, whether this be emergency lock outs, board ups or repair. We also provide more general services such as commercial lock changes or rekeying locks. We provide commercial door lock repair services in the event that your locks have broken or simply need upgrading. Here at Lemon Locksmith, we provide non destructive entry methods in the event of lost key situations via picking the lock. We cover many areas in the UK, feel free to contact us to find out more.


Master Keyed Lock Systems For Your Business


We can install advanced master keyed systems for your commercial properties to a large number of doors. We can make it so that certain keys can open all doors, or certain sections of your building. We can also provide slave keys for cleaners etc who only need to go in certain rooms. Or we can simply provide a keyed alike system whereby all locks and keys are the same. Some systems can be set up to have a grandfather lock system or even great grandfather lock system, we can talk you through it. We provide a wide range of commercial locks for doors and and a number of brands. Some of the brands we use are Yale Locks, ABS locks and ERA locks. As a commercial locksmith, all of our locks have high security features such as anti snap, anti pick and anti bump technology. We can provide these systems to for cylinder locks or mortice locks. Feel free to get in touch to discuss our wide range of commercial locksmith services.


Lock Installation In Wooden Office Doors


With our commercial lock installation service, we install a wide range of office door locks for your business, which are often made of wood. For these type of doors we usually install euro mortice deadlocks or sashlocks. These are locks which go inside the door and wood is chiselled out to make space for the body of the lock to go into much like a latch. For external doors on your building we recommend 5 lever mortice locks as these comply with British standards and are often insurance approved and kitemarked.

The levers are the names of parts inside the lock which the key moves when inserted, 5 lever mortice locks often come with a curtain protection system which has anti pick features and makes it hard to lock pick the lock. These kind of locks usually also feature hardened body plates which offer anti drill protection. For internal doors for example office doors, then we sometimes use 3 lever locks. This is because these are less expensive and do not need to comply with insurance requirements as they are fitted on internal doors. Our commercial door lock installation service can provide a quick turnaround and we can often install large numbers of locks during the day.


Fantastic Commercial Door Locksmith Services


Here at Lemon Locksmith, we don’t just install locks on doors, we also repair them too. Whether it be your main reception door or an internal office door we can help. We provide a range of commercial door locksmith services and can attend your business 24 hours a day. Sometimes businesses have problems with their door locks. What can happen is, sometimes the pins inside the external door locks become rusted and seized up. This turns the lock in to a malfunctioning lock and can stop the lock from turning or even cause a stuck or jammed door. Our commercial door lock repair service can help in these situations, either by repinning the lock or changing the lock to a new one altogether. We don’t just deal with door lock repairs either, we can also repair filing cabinet locks for your business and replace them in the event that your staff have lost the keys.

Another common problem is with door mechanisms and hinges. In the event that your door mechanism breaks we can repair or replace it. We stock a large range of UPVC door mechanisms on our vans whether it be a lockmaster, ERA vectus or milenco mechanism, so that we don’t need to order parts in, we can usually fix the problem there and then. We even stock some of the rarer less common gearboxs and mechanisms such as mila and fullex. So if you are looking for a locksmith for commercial doors then look no further, we can help. As a 24/7 locksmith we can arrive day or night for your emergency needs and commercial lock repair.  Often doors can drop over time which is the reason why the door mechanism breaks in the first place, we can adjust the hinges or toe and heel the door to correct this. We also provide automatic door closer installation which can be useful for fire safety. A common brand of door closer which we install is the smith & locke type of system as this is a reliable brand.


Out Of Hours Locksmith Ready To Attend Your Business


We can attend emergency call outs in the event of a break in at your business. Seen as we are a 24 hour commercial locksmith company, we can arrive on your business premises any any time be it day or night. If your business has had its locks snapped or broken, we can replace them with anti snap locks. If your building has had its windows smashed during a robbery we can board up and secure the window to make your business secure and safe. We do offer a deglazing and reglazing service also.


Our Commercial lockout services are top quality


If you are looking for commercial locksmith companies which can provide more than just standard cylinder lock changes, then look no further, our locksmith services cover a wide range of security areas. For example, we can provide a digital lock installations. These are keyless locks which don’t require a key to open and are therefore keyless entry much like a digital keypad entry system but without the electrical components. We do fit regular, digital door locks too as part of our commercial keypad door lock installation service. These are digital and are therefore smarter, they can contain finger print entry also. Keyless commercial locks can make life in your business, not only more convenient but also more secure too. Smart locks have a lot of advantages over older traditional locks however come with some drawbacks too so its best we discuss the options with you in person.

Our locksmithing services work comes complete with a high quality service, so you can rest assured that your work will be completed to a high standard. All of our work also comes with a quality assurance guarantee. Feel free to check out our google reviews, you will see that we are a reputable business locksmith and you will receive a top quality service.


Bulk key cutting for your business


Do you need large quantities of keys cutting for your business, perhaps after having a lock changed, we can help. Our vans are fitted with key cutting machines which means we can offer a mobile key cutting service. Our mobile locksmith service can often arrive within 45 minutes of receiving your call. We can cut a large range of keys from standard cylinder keys, to lever keys or even dimple keys. We also offer commercial rekeying for your business in the event that you need your locks rekeying.

We can rekey commercial door locks at your business no matter how many you require as we and fully stocked and ready to go. It can be hard to provide you with an immediate cost to rekey commercial locks over the phone, however we can attend your premises to provide a quote. Here at Lemon locksmith, we are at your beck and call for commercial key duplication at any time of the day 24/7, just give us a call. We have now also started providing key holding for peoples businesses in the area. This means that you no longer have to wake up your manager in the middle of the night in the event of an emergency where the key is needed. As a trusted security contractor, we are ready and willing to go out to rescue your business in the event of an emergency.


We provide van locks for company vans


Here at Lemon Locksmith we can install deadlocks in order to protect your company vehicles. In this day and age, using a process known as door peeling, thieves can often break into company vans very quickly and silently. Essentially the thieves bend the door of your van open and steal your businesses tools. We can installed deadlocks and slamlocks in order to prevent this. These are essentially hook mortice locks which are fitted inside the frame of the van. If you company has a fleet of vans then we can offer special discounts for installing van locks on the whole fleet. We can also fit other van related security features such as OSB port blockers, anti piercing plates or van alarm systems. Our van alarms have vibration sensors which can detect the moment someone even touch’s your vans.


Would you like your businesses locks upgrading?


Our business lock replacement service can provide you with a top quality lock changing service. In this day and age crime prevention is a high priority for many businesses. It is essential to protect your business against crime. With our commercial lock replacement service we can upgrade your locks to anti-snap locks or even better, to three star locks. These locks are premium locks which contain hardened pins which have anti drill technology. Some of the three star lock brands we use are avocet are kinetica locks. All of our high security locks can be either keyed alike, individually or set up as part of a master keyed system.

They can also either be set up as normal keyed locks or thumbturn locks where no key is required to open the lock from the inside, often required for fire regulations. We can also upgrade locks for glass doors such as sliding doors like those used in high street shops in the retail shop industry. These kind of locks can be updated with adams rite locks which are a type of mortice lock which is installed into the metal frame of shop doors. Often adams rite locks are fitted into the aluminium frame of the businesses main front door as this is the main point of entry.

Providing business lock installation is something which we at Lemon Locksmith are particularly experienced with as this is a service we provide day in day out. No job is too big, whether your company be a grand corporate office we are up to the job and can secure your premises. Door security for business is what we do for numerous companies throughout the U.K. so rest assured, we know what we are doing.

We can also install automatic self locking systems to your businesses doors and windows so that once the doors are closed they automatically lock. This means you don’t have to rely on your staff to lock the doors each night as it locks by itself. Your employees can focus on there jobs as opposed to trying to protect your companies building.


Strong Security Gates For Your Business


Are you looking for security gates to protect your business premises. We at Lemon Locksmith can install manual or electric security gates for your company. These are part of our access control installation service. We can also provide telescopic security bollards and CCTV & alarm systems for intruder detection at your property. Our wide range of commercial security systems will help to protect your business from every possible method of attack from burglars


Commercial Safe Installation For Your Business


It can be daunting leaving large amounts of money inside your premises. However it is a fact of life that most companies still operate with cash. Because of this we recommend that companies have a safe installed within their premises to protect your company valuables and equipment. It is important to have a safe installed by a professional safe installation security company as there are many British standards to comply with and different cash ratings to comply with insurance requirements.

For a quick example, some cash ratings are shown below:

EN14450 Regulations
S1 is for £2000 Cash Rating
S2 is for £4000 Cash Rating


Shutter Lock Repair For When They Fail


Having security shutters is an essential part of having a business in the UK today, especially in high street shops in order to protect the business from break ins. Unfortunately sometimes these shutters can fail and have faults. We can come out and repair or replace your shutter locks. Our vans are always stocked with various types of bullet locks which can be fitted to your roller shutters such as the ASEC bullet lock or more generic oval bullet locks. Our roller shutter locks come in the colours of gold, silver, chrome or brass. We also provide housing for the bullet locks to go into which can suit oval or round faced bullet locks.


Lemons Auto Locksmith For Your Vehicles


Yes that’s right, we have now entered the area of auto locksmithing. As a car locksmith we can gain entry should one of your employees have locked their keys in the van, a very common issue. We can also make and program new keys in all keys lost situations if one of your staff members have lost the keys to your vehicles. We have a range of decoders and Lishi picks which we can use to open the vans door and decode it. We can then use our key cutting machines such as our condor mini plus to cut new keys there and then. Our diagnostic machines and programming technology can then generate a new key for that vehicle which works with its transponder. Recently we have also started offering spare keys as an additional added extra in these situations. We can clone the key and make a duplicate so that you have a spare.

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