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If you have having trouble with your main communal door entrance then we can help. Repairing communal doors is something we do frequently. If you need our services then just give us a ring.

Communal Door Not Locking

A common problem we often get called out to is when a communal door is not opening. This can happen because of a faulty lock. When this happens we will come out and repair or replace your lock after gaining entry and getting you inside. Often the cylinder lock on communal doors can fail and become faulty, this causes the door to become jammed locked and not open. Fear not, as a 24/7 emergency locksmith we are always on standby ready for your call. communal door locksmith leeds

Main Entrance Door Handle Repair

Main entrance doors naturally get a lot of use as often they are the main entrance to your building. Imagine, hundreds of hands pulling the door handle lever day in day out. Its no wonder that this is why the entrance door handle is often one of the first parts of the reception door which breaks. We stock a wide selection of door handles and can come and replace your broken door entrance handle at a moments notice.

We provide emergency locksmith services in Leeds and nearby areas. Just recently we repaired the communal door handles on a business in Bramley LS13. Here at Lemon locksmith, we are a professional locksmith who are fully trained by the MLA & train locksmiths. We are fully checkatrade approved and have high quality google reviews.

School Main Entrance

Reception Door Hinge Repair

Another one of the most common problems with communal doors on buildings is the hinges. These can wear over time and need adjusting or replacing. We can replace your main door hinges with new ones in order to correct the issue. Damaged hinges can result in the main door catching or not closing properly. Over time this can cause the doors to drop and become misaligned. After a while this could even cause the mechanism in the door to become damaged and break. This causes an even bigger problem whereby the doors mechanism needs replacing. We can now also install antinip continuous hingesand pivot hinges on communal doors too.

Here at Lemon Locksmith, we are fully aware of communal door regulations and will not make any changes which will effect or change these. We can also repair main door entry systems. Problems sometimes occur with push button locks too which is something else which we repair.

main entrance door

Hotel Entrance Doors Fixed

The entrance doors to hotels are another type of common entrance door which see heavy traffic and usage. These often break and need repairing. We can repair the locks on hotel doors as well as the hinges and handles. We stock a range of parts and are fully trained in communal door repairs, just give us a call and we can help.

Main Entrance Door Repairs On Flats

A common problem we find with the main doors on flats is when the key snaps inside the lock. This happens when the pins inside the lock cylinder become faulty causing the key to become stuck in the lock. We can replace this barrel lock with a brand new one and also provide it keyed alike to match over locks in the building should you desire. A key snapped in lock can also be the sign of another problem with the door. It could be that there is an alignment issue with the doors which need realignment, we can do this and repair the multi point lock also if needed.

Mag Lock Fitting & Repair On Communal Doors

We are well trained in the area of access control. This includes installing and repairing mag locks on communal entrance doors. Mag locks allow the doors to be locked via magnets. People can access and unlock the doors should they carry the correctly programmed key fob or key card. These provide a keyless entry system and are perfect for doors which experience high levels of traffic. We also repair maglocks which have failed on doors too. Sometime people can rip the maglocks off and damage them. We can reattach them or even install new ones from scratch. We also install CISA locks on commercial doors too for security reasons, so if you are interested just get in touch.

School Front Door Lock Repair

Another form of communal doors which we frequently repair are the front main doors on a school. School doors take a lot of abuse and often have problems which need fixing. Whether they be aluminium doors or wooden doors, we can help. Metal doors or wood often have glass panels which can also need replacing, we can repair this glass in the door also.

Upgrade Your Main Doors To Be Fire Rated

We are able to upgrade your existing communal doors to be fire rated approved doors. As a professional door repair company we are fully trained in this area and know what we are doing. We can install smoke strips and door closers in order to help make your doors fire resistant.



How secure are communal doors?

Seen as these are the main doors to the building these are often the most secure doors in the building. These doors often have mag locks, internal bolts and multi point locks.


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