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We provide a range of bedroom door locksmith services for home owners and landlords including:

-Bedroom Door Lock Installation

-Internal Door Handle Repair

-Interior Door handle replacement

-Bedroom Night Latch Fitting

-Home Door Digital Lock Fitting

-Broken Key In Bedroom Door Repair

-Yale Lock Fitting

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Check Out Our Bedroom Door Locksmith Services

Have you lost the key for your bedroom door lock? We can gain entry for you if the key is locked inside the bedroom. If however the bedroom door key has been lost completely then we can replace the bedroom lock with a brand new lock and set of keys.

Bedroom Door Handle Repair

Is your bedroom door handle loose or coming off? We can replace & repair old bedroom door handles with brand new shiny ones to help improve the appearance of your internal door. Many of our handles come included with internal door locks too to provide you with your needed privacy.

Push Button Lock Installation For Landlords

Are you a landlord who has tenants wishing to have locks on their internal bedroom door. We can install digital locks so that your tenants can have the privacy they deserved. The advantage of having mechanical door locks installed is that they require no keys meaning no keys for your tenants to loose. Once your tenants leave you don’t need to pay to have the locks changed or new keys made, you can simply change the password of the lock.

Bedroom Door Locksmith For Lock Outs

Are you locked out of your bedroom door? Perhaps you left your key inside the room and the door slammed shut and locked. We can gain entry non destructively and get you back inside. We can also help if your key is stuck in your bedroom door lock. Perhaps your key has snapped in your room door lock, we can remove it and repair it for you. We can also help if your tenant has locked themselves out of their room, we provide a lot of work for landlords in the Leeds and nearby areas. So the next time your tenant has lost bedroom door keys don’t kick the door in, just call us.

Bedroom Door Latch Repair

If your bedroom door latch is sticking we can fix it. We provide a range of bedroom door repair services and can replace door latches at a moments notice. Door latches can often seize up and become jammed. When this happens it can make it so that your door won’t open. It could even make it so that your bedroom door won’t close too. In these situations its best to simply replace the door latch with a new one.


Bedroom Door Handle Lock
Door Handle

Keep Forgetting To Lock Your Bedroom Door? Consider a night latch installation

Perhaps you live in a shared accommodation bedsit type of situation. Every time you leave your room you forget to lock the door and perhaps don’t know or trust your housemates. We can install a yale lock on your internal bedroom door which locks automatically as soon as the door is closed meaning you never have to remember to lock it.

These locks are great for security, however be sure to take your keys with you when you leave your room otherwise you will be locked out. We provide bedroom door fitting as one of our regular services, just give us a ring to find out more.

We can fit these yale type of locks to most wooden internal doors as long as the door thickness is thick enough. We also fit these type of locks to holiday flat bedroom doors for similar security reasons. If your bedroom door already has a door lock then we can upgrade it, we provide bedroom door lock upgrades to make your locks more secure and anti snap resistant.

Has Your Tenant Lost Keys For Bedroom Door?

Has your tenant lost the bedroom door keys or locked keys inside the room. We provide a non destructive entry method so that we can get your tenants back into their bedroom without damaging the door. Given the high cost of internal doors we believe it is important to be as careful as possible to look after your door. We can often pick the lock using lock picks or use other bypass methods to gain entry.

Bedroom Door Locksmith Leeds
Door Knob Set Replaced

Faulty Bedroom Door Locks Repaired

We can also repair broken bedroom door locks too. Often bedroom door locks have a euro mortice lock and sometimes these locks can seize up and break. We can replace these bedroom door locks with new. Some people have 3 Lever mortice locks on their bedroom doors which are also known for breaking, these are often found on solid oak bedroom doors. We stock a wide range of these type of locks in different sizes and can replace these too.

We can also replace bedroom door locks for fire safety reasons too. Perhaps you are a landlord who has had an inspection from the council and been told you need to change the locks to meet fire safety criteria. We can replace your existing bedroom locks with thumbturn locks. Thumbturn cylinder locks are a type of barrel lock which can be opened from the inside without the key. We provide thumbturn installation whereby we swap out the cylinder lock for a thumbturn one.


Bedroom Door Handle Fallen Off?

Sometimes bedroom door handles can become loose and fall off meaning someone ends up locked inside bedroom.  Bedroom door lock ins may sound fun, however they can be stressful. Bedroom door handles falling off can happen when there isn’t enough would for the screws to attach into. We can replace the loose door handle with one which uses through bolts to join the handles together. Here at Lemon Locksmith, we can also provide replacement door knob sets which actually have a lock inbuilt into the knob itself which is very handy, these are very common on wooden panel bedroom doors.


Internal Door Lock Repair
Bedroom Door Lock

Loose door knobs falling off can cause someone panic when it happens as it could mean they are stuck in their bedroom unable to get out. The first sign that a handle may be about to fall off is when its wobbly. A wobbly bedroom door handle means the handle is coming loose and about to fall off. Internal domestic doors can have a range of faults over the years and that’s we decided to provide a bedroom door locksmith service and can help even if you have a glass panel bedroom door.

Replace Faulty Door Locks

If your internal bedroom lock hard to lock? Sometimes the locks can become stiff to turn the key and can often cause the key to snap in the cylinder. When the lock becomes stiff its at this point that the lock needs to be replaced. As a bedroom door locksmith we are able to assist with this and can replace your door lock. Indoor locks do not need to be weather resistant like normal locks as they are not exposed to the elements, this means they are often cheaper to replace than normal locks.

How to install a lock on a bedroom door?

The best way to fresh fit a bedroom door lock is by using a jig with router. This avoids the need for joinery skills. If you do have some wood working skills then perhaps you don’t need a jig. You could buy some chisels and chisel a pocket of wood out of the door in order to fit the body of the lock into. You will also need to chisel into the frame of the door a striking plate. The keep is what the bolt locks into when the bolt is thrown. The sash is the curved metal part which clicks the door door for convenience. If fitting a euro mortice lock then you may be provided with escutcheons.


Interior Door Handle
Door Handle

How to open a locked bedroom door without a key?

One option could be to pick the lock if you are not in a rush. Lock picks can be bought online for cheap enough. The problem with this is that learning to lock pick takes a long time. If you perhaps enjoy trying to learn the hobby of locking picking then this could be a fun challenge for you. If however you are busy like most people then it will be best to simply call a bedroom room locksmith instead. Another option could be to drill the bedroom lock open however be careful not to damage the door.

Door Chain Fitting

We can install door security chains to your bedroom door to give you some extra security and protection. Door chains help to protect people against brute force entry from people kicking the door in. They allow you to open the door to provide a small gap which allows you to see who the person outside the door is. These also allow for people to pass you items through the gap in the door such as parcels.

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