What do you keep in your van? Are the standard van locks enough to protect your tools or equipment? According to the RAC, an average of 30 vans are stolen every day in the UK. Having your van broken into or even stolen can be a huge cost and inconvenience, or it could even end your business.

Van Lock Installations by Lemon Locksmith

High security van lock installation template on a Ford Transit van sliding door
This high security van lock installation template is on a Ford Transit van sliding door. Drilling the bodywork isn’t for the faint hearted!

There are many ways you can improve the security of your van, and a good start would be to consider the external locks. Obviously the van manufacturers try their best, but since every model has identical locks from the factory, professional gangs will soon work out how to go after a specific model by looking at another. Certain vans have common vulnerabilities, and we can advise you on the best way to protect your vehicle and whatever’s inside it.

Lemon Locksmith supply and fit a range of high security locks for vans, tailored to your specific needs.

Some of the enhanced security measures we can offer include:

  • Deadlocks – mechanical deadlocks that work independently from the OEM locking system, with the option of a straight bolt or a hook bolt.
  • Slam locks – as the name suggests, this locks the van door automatically when it’s shut, requiring a second high security key to open.
  • Anti-peel brackets – this protects against an attack known as “peeling”, where the thieves literally peel the door down from the top.
  • Shielding plates – these are solid plates that provide additional protection against attacks involving piercing the van bodywork to expose wiring looms and locking mechanisms.
  • Limpet locks – big and obvious, these show your van is a harder target.

    An obvious van limpet lock can be seen from a great distance, and will likely stop anyone "hunting" Ford Tibbe locks!
    An obvious van limpet lock can be seen from a great distance, and will likely stop anyone “hunting” Ford Tibbe locks

These high security locks can act as either a very visible deterrent or be added more subtly, and they can all be on a single master key (keyed alike, or on a master key for a fleet) to keep life both secure and easy.


Contact Us with your make, model and year and we can quote you. Please include the details of each door.

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