Glass Door Lock Repair & Installation

We provide a range of glass door lock repairs for commercial properties in the Leeds & nearby areas.

Glass door locks often use adams rite hook locks to lock the doors. This consists of a circular shaped lock face often with a thumbturn on the back. The majority of these hook locks are made by the assa abloy company and come in both deadlock and electric strikes such as the 4015. There is also a adams rite 3 point lock which is a type of multi point locking system.

Glass Door Lock Commercial
Glass Lock

Changing the lock on a sliding glass door can be troublesome, it involves removing retaining screws, cylinder and grub screws, if you wish for us to do it for you feel free to give us a call. We provide hook lock changes in sliding glass doors & regular glass doors for commercial properties. When changing lock on sliding glass door we take great care with your glass.

Glass Door Lock Repair & Installation In Leeds & Nearby Areas


We can also install magnetic locks known as mag locks on your businesses premises. Often these are electronically powered magnetic locks. We can install a range of features in order to protect your commercial premises. Glass door lock fitting is something we as an experienced locksmith are very experienced with.


Adams Rite Lock Electronic Striker
Striker Plate

How replace glass door locks?

Electronic strike latch locks are convenient for commercial front doors such as the 4750 assa abloy deadlatch. Corner patch locks are another one of our specialities, we can repair & replace these for you and fix door lock for glass. Commercial glass door locks can be tricky to deal with an often require to people to lift the glass from the hinges, we do not recommend you try this yourself.


Here at Lemon Locksmiths we are known as business locksmiths, as a commercial locksmith we can also rekey locks and install master keyed systems for your building. Glass door lock bottoms on sliding glass doors can prove a nightmare when they fail. That’s because usually to change the lock the entire glass door needs to be removed from its hinges. This is a silly design if you ask us, but it is what it is and we have to work with it. Glass Door Lock Repair & Installation is something we do regularly, you can rest assured that we know what we are doing, just give us a ring.

Lock Installed on Business in Leeds
Commercial Lock Installation

Can shopfront glass door locks be repaired?

Frameless glass door locks are usually installed in the door prior to a team of people installing the door, therefore when the glass door lock fails, it becomes a problem. As a glass door locksmith we can be at your business premises within 1 hour of the call in order to fix your commercial door lock. Shop door locks are something which we repair week in week out in the Leeds & nearby areas, often after a burglary attempt. If you are a shop owner who has been unfortunate enough to have been broken into feel free to get in touch. Our burglary repair services operate 24/7, we an often repair damaged locks or replace them entirely


Can you put a lock on a glass door? (Adams rite locks)

Well the answer to this one is yes. But you can’t just go around cutting holes in glass. The glass door you wish to have a lock in must already have the space cut out for the lock prior to installing it. The hole for the lock can only be cut at the time of glass manufacture prior to the glass been heated and hardened. If the glass has been precut ready for a lock fitting then yes, you can certainly put a lock on a glass door as many highstreet glass doors already do. A customer recently tried to gut a hole in their own glass recently in Headingly LS6, needless to say, this ended up badly.

Adams Rite Lock keep
Business Lock


What is a good lock for metal framed glass doors?

The MS1850S deadlock is a good quality commercial door lock which we often use. This lock has a laminated hook bolt which makes it hard to cut through. The hook shaped bolt swings down and attached to the opposite frame, this hook shape prevents people from prising the door open with a crowbar for example. These locks are ideal for single leaf doors and are situated in the door jamb on the door. Essentially they are a type of mortice lock as they actually sit inside the metal door.

We fit all of our glass door hook locks together with face plates and retaining screws for proper installation. After all, not only do you wish for your business premises to be secure, but you also want them too look good too. Other similar types of hook locks are the COLCOM B96 & SAHECO 665, these are also formidable locks. Our hook locks are all compatible with both sliding & swinging doors & can contain mortice cylinder locks.

What is an alumina-ceramic core on a hook lock?

Our glass door hook locks contain a alumina-ceramic core. This means that the hook lock cannot be cut through with a hacksaw. A common method of entry for criminals with cheaper locks is to simply cut through the bolt with a saw. Sometimes people are attracted to cheaper versions of these hook locks, but if the bolt can be cut through during in a robbery then its totally pointless, you may as well not bother having a lock at all.

We at lemon locksmith help businesses owners in the local area weekly with their glass door lock problems. Perhaps you as the business owner have lost your keys for your shop or commercial doors. Whatever the case, even if you are locked out of you business at 2am in the morning just get in touch via calling or email and we can help.

Glass Door Lock Replacement

Perhaps there nothing wrong with your current glass door hook locks, but you want them replacing anyway, we can help. We often come across the situation where businesses wish to have the locks changed, perhaps because an ex member of staff has taken the old keys and can’t be trusted. Or perhaps you simply wish to upgrade your locks to higher security locks for better protection then we can help.

Business Lock
Corner Lock

How do you burglar proof a glass door?

How can I add more security to my glass door Perhaps you are sick of your business getting broken into and are looking for ways to improve your security. The best way really is to have a CCTV & alarm system fitted, however this can be a very expensive option. A cheaper & quicker way could be to replace our existing glass with laminated glass. This is a stronger type of glass which is harder for people to break through. It consists of a layer of laminate over the glass which holds the pane together when attacked.

We provide a range of sliding glass door lock repairs for commercial & business customers whether it be store fronts or high-street shop doors. We can upgrade your existing glass door hook locks or repair them in the event they are broken. Often these kind of locks get attacked during robberies by drill attack. As a commercial locksmith we can provide an emergency locksmith service and attend your business 24/7 in order to provide our burglary repair service.

‘We can also gain entry to your premises in the event of lost keys, perhaps a staff member has come to open up in the morning and realized they can’t find the key for the glass door lock. Perhaps the keys are not lost, but the door cannot lock, this could mean the door needs realignment and repair in order to make it lock.


Corner Patch Locks Keyed Alike

Corner patch locks are used on the corners of frameless glass doors usually on shopfront doors. Most businesses usually have 4 locks on their double doors to their business. This is because they usually have 1 lock on the bottom and top of each of the two glass doors. This can mean the awkward situation whereby your employees have to manage a large bunch of keys for the doors which can get lost. We can solve this problem by keying alike your businesses locks so that all locks work on one key.

This makes it much easier for your staff to open up in the morning and lock up at night. As standard our locks are provided as anti-snap for further protection of your business premises.

Upgrading Glass Door Euro Locks

You may not have any problems with your existing businesses door locks. However you may wish to upgrade them anyway. Many corner glass door locks use standard euro cylinder locks within them. Unfortunately, thief’s can snap these locks out in a process known as lock snapping. We can replace these lock barrels with upgraded anti-snap locks. These locks are police approved and have lock snapping protection features. In the event that somebody tries to snap the cylinder lock barrel out, the front of the lock snaps off instead of the lock snapping in the middle. We can even upgrade your euro locks to the very top level of lock known as high security locks.

These locks have the anti snap features as standard, however also have anti pick and anti drill technology. These are known as three star locks and have pick resistant pins and hardened pins to prevent drill attacks. They also contain anti bump technology which is another form of picking which criminals use to break into your business. Our lock upgrades can help ensure that your business is as protected as possible against crime.

Please note we now specialize also in transom door closer repair & installation.


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