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What is an anti snap lock?


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Snap resistant lock

Anti snap locks are cylinder locks which have a special security feature which makes them better than standard locks. These type of locks have a sacrificial weak point on the cylinder. This means that when the criminal or thief tries to snap your lock, the front of the lock comes off instead of the lock snapping in the middle. This means that you do indeed need a new lock, however the important point is that the thieves cannot get into your home. A common method thieves use is to snap the lock with mole grips, however these locks resist this type of attack.

There are a large range of different anti snap locks. There are regular locks such as versa anti snap locks, and there are premium versions such as the ultion anti snap cylinder lock. Usually most people go with the standard anti snap locks as opposed to the high security locks. The main difference between the platinum locks and the standard anti snap barrel locks are as follows. Premium locks, as well as having anti snap features also have anti pick features too.

This contain special shaped pins inside the lock barrel known as trap pins which make the locks hard to pick. High security locks also have anti drill protection too by having hardened steel pins inside the lock. They also have anti bump technology. In our opinion, regular anti snap locks are the best value for money.

The majority of burglaries are done by silent methods such as lock snapping, and regular anti snap cylinders protect against this. This is why, when performing our burglary repairs we fit these type of locks as standard. Although regular snap proof locks can be drilled, in reality, this is rare. Drilling a lock is a long process and extremely noisy, noise is something that criminals seek to avoid. With regards to picking a lock, yes this is possible, however it is extremely hard. We at Lemon Locksmith have never attended a burglary job where the thieves have picked the locks.

This is because picking locks is hard and is a hard skill to learn, even for a professional locksmith, picking locks can be tricky. However, for those looking for the best security no matter the cost than high security three star locks may still be worth paying for to put your mind at ease. Our anti snap locks installation will help protect and make your home secure.


door handle broken in robbery

Anti Snap Locks Installation In Leeds & Nearby

Many anti snap locks have a kitemark symbol on the front face of the lock. This indicates that the lock is an anti snap lock. Green teQ is a popular brand of snap resistant cylinder lock and one we often fit. However there are many different brands. ERA also do their own anti snap cylinder lock. ABS is another good anti snap lock, these are premium cylinder locks and are however quite expensive. Avocet locks are three star locks which contain all the features discussed above, they are seen as the premium range of barrel lock.

A good contender against the ABS lock is the ULTION barrel lock. This is another very popular three star lock, one which is very often found on houses in Leeds after the council issued them out. ABS euro cylinders are of exceptionally high quality however are quite expensive.

Platinum locks are essentially the same as regular anti snap locks but with anti pick and anti dill technology. A popular anti snap euro cylinder is the versa cylinder lock. Another popular type of anti snap cylinder lock is the Yale Superior. This lock complies with TS007 standards and are often insurance approved.

What is lock snapping?

Lock snapping is when criminals use a tool to snap the lock barrel in your door. First they snap the door handle off and then they snap the lock. This then allows them to insert another tool which opens the door. For security reasons we won’t be discussing he exact details of how this is done (you never know whos reading). How to prevent lock snapping is a common questions we are often asked. The two best ways are to:


A) Upgrade your handles to high security handles

B) Upgrade your locks to anti-snap cylinder locks


Many people try and change their cylinder locks themselves be it for the front door lock or back door lock. Good on you for giving it a go, however please make sure you have the correct size barrel lock. If the lock is too small then your key wont be able to go inside. If the cylinder is too long it will stick out too much from the door. This can make the lock protrude and make it easy for criminals to snap.

Snap proof cylinder lock
GreenTeq Barrel Lock

Lock Upgrades For Commercial Properties

We don’t just provide lock upgrades for residential properties. We also provide lock changes for businesses too. We can also fit anti snap locks for doors on your business premises which have the same security features as those on residential properties. Here at Lemon Locksmith, we understand that commercial premised have different requirements. Often business premises have large numbers of doors and thus large numbers of locks.

This can cause a problem whereby the business owner ends up with a large bunch of keys which are most confusing. We can solve this problem by installing anti snap locks on a master keyed system. This means that your anti snap locks would be keyed alike, this is useless where you need one key to open every lock (the master key) and dedicated slave keys which only allow certain people to open certain doors.

A particular lock we like to install for commercial properties is the brisant cylinder lock. This lock is actually made near Leeds and provide us with discounts for large orders. We also fit yale cylinder locks which of similar quality.

Anti snap locks are only considered anti snap if they comply with SS312 diamond standard. This is a standard which is set by sold secure and means the lock has been sufficiently tested for its anti snap properties.

Thumb turn Anti Snap Cylinder Locks

We often fit thumbturn cylinder locks for landlords in Leeds and nearby areas. Thumbturn cylinder locks are those which can be opened from the inside without a key. This is great for fire safety regulations. However we don’t just fit them for landlords, we can fit them for anyone. Thumbturn cylinder locks can have anti snap features just just a regular keyed lock. They can also be suitable for elderly people who have trouble finding their keys, as long as they are snap safe locks that is the most important part.

Anti snap thumbturn locks mean that these people can still exit the house in the event of an emergency.  People often ask how us to fit an anti snap lock. You simple remove the retaining screw and remove the lock, however you need to make sure you replace it with the correct size. We sometimes like to fit mul-t-lock locks as this are snap resistant too.

How do I know if I have an anti snap lock?

Its very easy to tell if your euro cylinder lock is snap resistant. Simply look at the side of the lock and check to see if there is a line on the side of the cylinder. This is an intentional weak point on the lock called the sacrificial weak point. It is this point which breaks when somebody tries to attack your lock. This destroys the lock however prevents them from gaining entry into your house. In the above picture is an example of an CISA cylinder lock and the one below a Yale anti snap lock.

yale anti snap lock
yale lock

Can you break anti snap locks?

Yes,  although the name of these locks are ‘anti-snap locks’ they can indeed be snapped. However all that this means is that instead of the lock snapping in the middle, it snaps the front off instead of snapping in the middle. With regular locks the lock snaps in the middle allowing the thieves to turn the cam and open the door. So yes, in reality, these type of locks shouldn’t be called anti snap as they can still be broken, perhaps they should be called, anti-entry locks?

Snap resistant locks are a bare minimum in this day and age, we truly advise everyone to install snap secure locks.

Keys For Anti Snap Locks

The keys for anti snap locks are no different to the keys of a standard cylinder lock. People often get confused with this. Where the keys can differ is with three star locks. These often use dimple keys which insert into the lock sideways as opposed to vertically. High security lock keys are intentionally hard to copy and often come with a key card containing a key code, only the person who has this keycode can have the keys copied. People often ask us what are the best snap safe locks, it really depends on your budget, apecs locks are a reasonable balance we find. Give us a call and we will discuss our anti snap locks options.


Top Tips For Cylinder Locks

-Make sure that your anti snap locks are sold secure standard

-Be installed flush with the door and not protrude.

-Be installed with high security handles for extra protection.

-Be sure they have an anti-jam keyway for added protection & direct cam locking to prevent lock manipulation.


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