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High Security Door Handle
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High security door handles offer extra protection against crime. These door handles are stronger than standard handles and have a range of security features such as:

  • Cylinder Guard. This provides protection against lock snapping. Anti-Snap Protection ensures that criminals find it very difficult to snap your cylinder lock (something which is often done with mole grips).
  • Cylinder Drilling Protection. This protects against lock drilling. A common method thieves use is to drill the pins of your cylinder lock out which allows them to open the lock. With high security handles, the body of the handle actually covers the lock face. This means the thief must drill through the handle first before they can even start to work on the lock. Seen as the handles are hardened steel, it makes doing this very hard.
  • De-Plugging Protection. Another method used by criminals to break into your property is to use a lock puller tool. Basically they insert a screw into you barrel lock and use the lock puller to pull the cylinder lock core out. The danger of this is that the method is silent, unlike drilling.
  • Secured By Design Logo on the front of the handles acts as a visual deterrent and lets the thief know that you are security conscious.




Secured By Design Handles

We use secured by design approved handles. Sold secure handles have a range of features to make them more secure than standard door handles. They have a cover plate which protects the cylinder lock face from attack, hardened steel structure to protect and snapping by mole grips. We use a range of brands of secured by design handles. One handle brand which we particularly like is the MILA handle brand. This is a premium door handle and it one of the market leaders in high security door handles. MILA security handles are a very effective 2 star security handle and great at dealing with crime prevention.

Secured By Design Handle
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Platinum Security Door Handles Features

Secured by design approved handles are BSI Kitemark approved to KM 532920 standards. They are also accredited with BSEN 1906:2010 grade 4. They also contain M6 fixing bolts for improved strength and security, these bolts provide anti-jemmy resistance. Another high security door handle we like to use is the Yale TS007 handle which is also a 2 star handle,  an extremely secure door handle which complies with PAS24. This is a police approved door handle which complies with TS007 standards and has similar features to the mila security handles. They also have chamfered edges which make the handles difficult to grip onto with mole grips ( a common form of attack). These handles are also made out of stainless steel, have common 92mm centres and 215mm fixing points. They are also secured by design approved for extra reassurance. All of our handles also come with a 10 year manufactures guarantee.

MILA Door Handle
High Security Handle


High security door handles really are the ultimate method to help secure your property and extremely cost effective. Why spend thousands on an expensive alarms or CCTV system when you can stop the criminals breaking in in the first place. If you can prevent burglars from making a forced entry into your home, this is the best solution.


How Much Do High Security Handles Cost?

It depends on which brand you want, even the colour can change the price, chrome, white or gold. Its best you give us a call to discuss the options. Here at Lemon Locksmith, we will measure the PZ measurement of your existing handles to ensure that we have the correct size handles to replace your old handles with.  Our high security door handles can be installed on any UPVC door in your house be it your front door, back door, side door or conservatory door. We can even fit our premium door handles to patio doors too. We can replace your existing patio door handles with our sold secure approved handles at a moments notice. Our 2 star door handles will help protect your lock and your home and are even blow torch resistant, another common form of entry. We at Lemon Locksmith are your local locksmith leeds, feel free to contact us should you be in this area or nearby and we can help upgrade your handles.

How to Change Door Handle

To change door handle can be done by anyone if you have the time and patience to learn how. Perhaps you want to upgrade door handle due to security reasons, or perhaps your old handle just looks old and tatty. In order to fit a new door handle first you need to measure the PZ measurement to determine the size of handle you need. This is the measurement between the spindle hole and the cylinder lock hole,  it’s usually 92mm but its worth checking. Next you need to measure the screw to screw measurements to determine if the handle is type A or type B. A type a handle is long plate & a type b handle is short plate. Knowing whether your handle is long plate or short plate is essential otherwise the handle will not fit your door.


How To Remove Door Handles

To take off a handle is very simple, simply get a screwdriver and turn the screws in the back of the handle anti-clockwise and the screws will start to come out. Most 2* handles just have 2 screws, one at the top of the handle and one at the bottom. Occasionally your door handle may have 3 screws in it (the extra one been in the middle). Some people ask me how to change door knob. I ask them to define what they mean by a door knob, to me a door knob is the handle of a kitchen cupboard. However some people refer to a UPVC door handle as a door knob (which is most strange if you ask me). If you are confused about how to replace your door handle then be sure to purchase the replacing door handle for dummies book on amazon (only joking).


How To Put Door Handle On

This should be pretty obvious really if you have read the previous paragraph about how to remove handles. To put the handles back on simply do everything in reverse. Insert the spindle, then put the handles back on and insert the screws which you took out before. This time you need to turn the screws clockwise to tighten the screws. Don’t tighten too hard or you may shred the screw heads.


High Security Door Handle Installation

We provide security door handle installation in Leeds and nearby areas. As a local locksmith, we can often arise on scene within the hour. Perhaps your old door handles have been snapped and broken during a robbery. We can replace them there and then and at the same time upgrade them to higher security handles so that they can’t be snapped again. Our high security door handles are even blowtorch resistant. This is a method of attack where people melt your handles off with a blowtorch, a relatively silent method of entry.

It doesn’t matter which door your handle is on, however these type are only to be used as external door handles. Secured by design handles are not to be used as internal door handles. They are special, crime resistant handles which cannot be bought from your local B&Q or Wickes like your usual door handle set. Changing door handles is our game, we replace broken door handles day in day out every week, so feel free to give us a ring and get us to come and have a look.


How to install a door handle

If you are considering installing a new door handle in a door which has never had a handle before, perhaps a new front door handle, then please reconsider. This involves drilling holes in the door and one wrong measurement and your door is ruined. Please just pay a professional to install the high security door handle for you. We provide 2 star door handle installation in Leeds and nearby surrounding areas, get in touch for a chat.

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