ABS and Ultion fitted by Lemon Locksmith - you'll need to get the right size or can be snapped out, get Lemon to check.

Get high security locks fitted by Lemon! You will want to attain at least three stars for your door, either with a 1 star lock and a 2 star handle, or with a 3 star euro cylinder lock. If you really want, you can upgrade to 5 stars for the top of the line security with stylish LockLock security handles from Ultion and their new top of the line WXM!

The best lock to meet all insurance standards is a 3 star or diamond rated euro cylinder lock fitted by Lemon. These locks assure insurance acceptance, and some even offer additional monetary "bonus insurance" if you are burgled through the snapping of the door lock, of up to a thousand pounds! Don't get caught out with your claim potentially refused due to a lesser lock.

Break a window or call Lemon Locksmith to gain entry for you.

(If you choose to break the window, we can also repair your double glazing.)

No, anyone might have it, get a locksmith such as Lemon Locksmith to fit you a new lock, and stay safe.

It depends what car it is, between £60 to £150, so call Lemon on 07721876571 for more info.

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