24/7 Locksmith Huddersfield Service

The following are some of the types of locksmith services offered by the us at Lemon Locksmith:

Emergency lockout service

Key Cutting

Door & Window Repair

Emergency Boarding Up

Emergency Locksmith

Lemon Locksmith is a family owned and operated business. We offer locksmith services in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. I have been operating since 2018  and provide a wide range of locksmith services to customers all over Huddersfield whether it be emergency lock out services or general door repair.

Been locked out is a common problem faced by homeowners in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The most common causes of lock outs are: lock tampering, faulty locks, faulty key cutting and bad keys. Lockouts can be stressful, time consuming and expensive to resolve. Our lock out service is offered to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Emergency Lock out service


We provide a 24 hour emergency locksmith service for homeowners in Huddersfield including key cutting or duplication. The service is also available for commercial clients and we are always happy to take your call as a 24 Hour Emergency Lock out service. I am a professional locksmith who you can call to get the job done in less than 30 minutes. I am someone who has been trained and licensed to perform this kind of work. I have a fully NCFE and city and guilds qualifications and can even provide a DBS check if needed.

When your lock is not working, you may want to call a locksmith to get it fixed as soon as possible. I can repair damaged or faulty locks or change and upgrade them completely. As a local locksmith in Huddersfield I can cut keys, change locks, install and repair locks, open safes and padlocks, fit new keys and make duplicates.


How to choose a locksmith?


To make the right choice, you should consider how much you can spend. If you want a locksmith to do something simple, like change a lock or cut keys, then someone with basic skills is likely to be cheaper than someone who does more complex work. What to do if you need a locksmith? If you need someone to come out at short notice, then look for a locksmith who uses recommended suppliers. If it’s urgent, try using your local emergency services Local Locksmiths In Huddersfield, we are fully insured and highly recommended.

Locksmithing is a profession that requires a lot of skill and expertise. There are many locksmiths out there, but not all of them can be trusted to do the job right. When you have a locksmith who is skilled and experienced, then you can be sure that they will provide the best service possible. You will be able to feel safe and secure in your home or business. Here at Lemon Locksmith you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best quality service. We can provide lock changes and lock upgrades to your existing door locks.


Lock Changing Services


Many people like us to upgrade their old cylinder locks to anti snap locks which are recommend by the police. For those people feeling like spending a bit more I can upgrade your locks to our three star premium locks. These are high quality locks which as well as anti snap, also feature anti bump, such brands for this could be ULTION or ABS. Yale also provide a three star lock which is also of good quality. All three feature anti drill and anti pick technology and are worth the investment in my opinion as they protect against lock snapping.

We not only install cylinder locks, but also install mortice locks in wooden doors too. A general thumb of thumb is that UPVC doors use cylinder locks and wooden doors use mortice locks. A mortice lock is a lock which has levers inside instead of pins, thee can be sash locks which work with a handle, or deadlocks which only work with a key. In order to be British standard approved, most mortice locks are required to be 5 lever. Our mortice locks comply with BS3621 or BS10621 British standards regulation.

This means that our locks are thief resistant and insurance approved. 3 lever locks cannot comply with BS3621 as they are too easy to pick open. 5 Lever locks have hardened anti drill hard plates to make them drill resistant locks and strong bolts. Some bands of mortice locks which we use are ERA.

Seen as we also offer a commercial locksmith service, we can often change larger numbers of locks and provide a keyed alike or master keyed system so that all locks and be used by the same key. We can also make it so that some keys have restricted access. We don’t just fit cylinder locks, we can provide a large range of locks such as digital locks, often used for office doors, or event night latches. Night latches come with a rim cylinder which often acts a secondary lock on the door. Night latches are usually a basic yale design, however they do come in high security lock packages also.


Locks for Safety Or Fire Access


When changing locks on some buildings, for example student accommodation, often there is requirement for users to be able to open the lock from the inside without the use of a key. In these situations we can fit thumb turn locks. As the name suggests, these are simply locks which the user turns a thumb turn to open the door from the inside. This is an ideal solution as it means that it doesn’t matter if the occupant has lost their keys. They can still escape in the event of an emergency. As with all cylinder locks, thumb turns can also be anti snap and high security.


Gearbox & Mechanism Repair


I also provide a mechanism repair service for UPVC or composite doors. Often these kind of doors, including back french doors. Often the gearbox on your door can seize, break or get jammed. This results in the door been stuck shut meaning it can’t be opened. I can repair or replace your mechanism often by replacing it. There are hundreds of different types of mechanisms such as ERA vectus, fullex or Union.  I stock a large range of mechanisms on my van so that I always have the correct one for your door. In the unfortunately event that you have a rare mechanism I stock overnight gearboxes which can be used to temporarily secure the lock.

Fullex Gearbox Replaced on UPVC door
New gearbox in door

What to do if you’re locked out or lost your keys?


When you’re locked out of your home, office or car, it’s important to stay calm. Try to avoid calling too many locksmiths as this may result in a high price. Instead, try and think of a way around the problem. One lady I know had a bad experience with a locksmith that she hired. The locksmith didn’t even show up after I called them and told them that I needed the job done right away. They told me that they would be there in 2 hours, so I waited patiently.

The cost of locksmith services ? If you are locked out, the locksmith will need to get in. This can be as simple as turning a key or as complicated as cutting a lock. The time it takes depends on what we have to do. The cost of locksmith services? If you are locked out, the locksmith will need to get in. This can be as simple as turning a key or as complicated as cutting a lock. The time it takes depends on what we have to do. Here at Lemon Locksmith, we are a locksmith Huddersfield ready and waiting for your call.

No call out charge If you need a locksmith, then call our company. We are fast and reliable. You can call us on:




Key cutting spare key
Key cutting

h with us via email using the form below. We will never issue a call out charge and will only charge if the job is something which we can do. As a 24 hour locksmith we offer a fast response service, so be it day or night feel free to give us a call.


How to avoid being scammed by a locksmith?


Some locksmiths charge ridiculously high prices, you should check out other locksmiths reviews to see how they are before choosing a locksmith. If you think the locksmith is charging too much, then ask to see the receipt and check with trading standards to see what they think about this price. We are a cheap locksmith and offer competitive prices.

We now provide an auto locksmith service where we can help you open your car if you have lost the keys. Or even make you a brand new key if you have lost the keys completely. We use lishi picks and air bags to open your doors with non destructive methods of entry. Having a rapid response service and been a 24/7 locksmith we can often arrive on scene within 30 minutes. So fear not, if you are locked out and looking for a car locksmith Huddersfield we can help. Our emergency locksmith service on standby 7 days a week. We truly aim to be your number one emergency locksmith Huddersfield and provide a professional and high quality experience. All of out work is guaranteed and compliant with British Standards.

It is unfortunate that there is a lot of crime in Huddersfield. This is the reason why we offer burglary prevention and repair services. If you have had your locks snapped or door handle broken we can replace them with new. We also provide a boarding up service in the event of your door or window been broken during a robbery. We can also provide a window filming service where we protect the broken / cracked window with a sheet of film to keep the window together.

Door Handle Changed By Locksmith Huddersfield
Repaired Door Handle

Lock Upgrades From Your Local Locksmith Huddersfield


Recently we have started to offer a lock upgrade service in which we replace your locks with premium anti-snap and anti bump locks. We can provide ULTION or ABS three star locks which also contain anti drill hardened steel pins. These locks are also anti pick. We don’t just provide lock upgrades to cylinder locks also known as euro locks, we also can replace mortice locks too for wooden doors. For example we can change your old mortice locks to British standard 5 lever mortice locks which comply with British kitemark standards. All of our locks are insurance approved and often TS007. Our door locks really are top quality and help prevent against crime.


If you own a business which has a large number of doors which require locks fitting we can help. We offer a master lock fitting system where we can re pin the locks allowing them to be all operated with a master and slave key. This can be useful for commercial buildings with many doors. We can also provide digital lock installation for your office doors. These are locks which require no key to open and can simply be opened with a password.

We offer a burglary repair service and can offer more security by replacing old locks with new ones. Or upgrading existing locks to a higher standard that are integrated into the door frame. This means that when you lock your door it is impossible for anyone to open it without breaking in (unless they have a key). There are many types of door locks such as ULTION, ABS, ERA and Yale, all have their differences and advantages



Key Cutting Services


I was speaking to a lady recently who told me she was looking for key cutting near me but couldn’t find anyone who would come and do it. Of course there is an Asda key cutting service however with this you have to physically travel to their key cutting machine in order to duplicate the key. This can be frustrating and time consuming. However, with our mobile locksmith service, we can arrive at your property within 30 minutes to key you some spare keys. We aim to be your local locksmith Huddersfield and provide a fast and high quality service. Most people automatically think of going to Timpson’s when it comes to spare keys, however why not give us a try.


Bike Lock Removal

Perhaps you have lost the keys for your bicycle lock, we can help. We can remove your bike lock for you either by picking or by destroying the lock. Often bike locks get damaged after someone attempts to break the lock. Criminals often damage bike locks, fail to get it off, and then abandon their efforts and leave your bike lock damaged. We can remove your damaged bike lock for you with our bike lock removal services, just get in touch.


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