Yale Lock Repair

We repair and replace all types of Yale Locks. To find out more just give us a ring.


Yale Night Latch Repair

Yale night latches can often break in various ways. One common way which results from a faulty yale nightlatch is called a dropped snib. This happens when a part becomes worn inside the lock. The snib is a little button on the back of the latch which essentially deadlocks the door. If this part is worn and the user slams the door hard when leaving their house, this sib can drop by accident essentially locking the occupant out of their house.

This is common with the yale 8800 lock. One this happens, there is no way to get back in without destroying the lock. Even if you have the key, you still won’t be able to get back inside as essentially the yale lock is deadlocked from the inside. We can come and open this lock however you certainly need to install a new lock after.

yale lock repair

Yale Lock Repair

We repair old yale locks and modern yale locks. One of the more modern yale locks is the yale smart lock. Like all locks this can have faults over time and can result in people been locked in or out of their home. As a fully qualified locksmith we are well trained in how to deal with these situations, so just give us a ring. We are crb checked and as a local locksmith are available in the Leeds & nearby areas 24/7. We frequently repair & replace yale locks in the Leeds area. Infact recently we replaced two yale locks on the same street after a burglary in LS21 Otley.

Yale Mortice Locks Fixed

Yale are commonly known for their rim cylinders & nightlatch locks. However did you know that yale also manufacture mortice locks. As a professional locksmith we are able to repair yale mortice locks too. Often with yale mortice locks the levers inside can seize up over time. Sometimes we can replace the levers inside the lock with new ones. However often it can be more efficient to simply replace the whole lock with a new one. After all, if the levers have started to wear out, then other parts may be almost worn out too.

Yale Key Replacement

If the yale key to your yale lock has broken then fear not. We have key cutting machines on the van and can key new yale keys on site at your home. The advantage of this is it lets us test the keys on site to make sure that they work correctly. Sometimes yale keys can become worn out over the years meaning they do not interact correctly with the pins inside the lock. We can replace these keys with new working ones no matter what time of day it is.

See as we are a 24/7 emergency locksmith we can attend at a moments notice. We deal with yale locks week in week out and are often considered to be a yale locksmith by many.

Yale 3 Star – Anti Snap Lock Repair

Yale have released their own version of whats called a three star cylinder lock. These are locks which comply with TS007 regulations and have a range of features such as anti snap & anti bump protection. As a local locksmith, if you have a faulty yale cylinder lock, we can often attend within 30 minutes of your call.

We can repair all types of yale locks at a moments notice and replace them with new. We recently repaired a yale assure lock on Birdcage Walk in Oltey for an elderly lady whos high security yale lock had broken. We were on scene within 15 minutes of the call and replaced her faulty yale lock with a new one.

*We have also now started to repair Yale keypads, which most of the repair instructions are included in the yale manual some people still struggle to repair them. To find out more just get in touch.

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A little bit of history about Yale Locks…..

Yale locks are owned by the ASSA ABLOY group of companies. Yale was started in 1868 by Linus Yale was was the original inventor of the pin tumbler lock. Linus patented this lock in 1868 and it became a great success turning into the company which it is today.

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