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Here at Lemon Locksmith, we provide a wide range of digital door lock installation. We can install digital locks on your internal doors. Feel free to get in touch by calling us on: 07721876571


A little about digital door locks


There are two main types of digital door locks, mechanical and electrical. Mechanical digital locks require no batteries or power. They work with push button combinations of which the buttons are manually pressed. The advantage of these locks is that they never need charging nor require energy.

These locks can have their passwords changed as many times as required, much like electrical digital locks. However they need to be taken apart manually in order to do this. Whereas electronical locks can have their codes changed without taking the lock apart. Some electric digital locks can even have their password changed wirelessly without the user been on site.

Digital push button locks are often used on internal doors on commercial offices. This is because they offer a great deal of advantages. They allow keyless entry, meaning that employees and staff do not have to carry lots of keys around. We provide digital lock installation for residential properties and commercial buildings.

Are Smart Door Locks Worthwhile?


In this day and age there a hundreds of different types of digital locks. Some of these locks have smart features and thus are called smart locks. Smart locks such as the Adel digital lock can be set to open with users finger prints or other biometric information. Multiple members of staffs finger prints can be programmed into the lock for user access. Most of these locks have an override system within incase there are issues and trouble reading the finger prints.

Some locks can even be opened with a retina eye scan as the lock has a camera which can detect the users eye pattern. Smart digital door locks usually work with bluetooth too. This means that the user can open the door with their mobile phone. Often the lock can detect when the user is near and can open the lock without the user even needing to take the phone out of their pocket which is very convenient.

What are popular mechanical digital door locks

for Digital Lock Installation?


As discussed earlier, mechanical digital door locks are very popular. Although they are not as smart at electronic digital door locks, they have one major advantage, they require no power. That means no wires, no expensive set up and no batteries. They also seemingly last an extremely long time. Some of the push button mechanical locks we have installed have been going for over 20 years and seem to be working perfectly.

A common type of push button combination lock is the Asec brand such as the AS4303 and AS4309. These locks have over 1000 combinations of password making them extremely secure at protecting your business. As part of our digital lock installation, we provide brass and gold colours and in our opinion are one of the best automatic door locks.

Are digital door locks secure?

Digital door locks are highly secure if installed correctly. However as with all locks, they can be broken into given enough effort. Some locks can be hacked via programming just like a regular lock can be opened via lock picking.

What is the best electronic door lock?


There is no best, each type has their own advantages and disadvantages. A popular type of mechanical push button lock is the borg lock. This lock manufacturer has a good reputation and has been around for a long time. A colt digital door lock is another high quality digital door lock, however they can be quiet expensive, this is a bluetooth digital door lock and is essentially a smart lock.

The carbine electronic digital door lock is a biometric door lock. This can be programmed with users finger prints and password data so that it can be opened in a variety of different ways. This lock as has automatic locking features if the door is not used after a certain amount of time.  Biometric door locks offer a high range of security for your home or business and often provide a keyless entry method.

Another interesting one is the colosus ndl319 door lock. This is essentially a digital deadbolt door lock and is one we often install with our digital lock installation service, just last week we installed 5 of these on a commercial building in Leeds LS4. Some smart locks work alongside wifi and bluetooth. One such lock is the honeywell digital door lock.
Honeywall are a very reputable company and are well trusted in the industry and almost on par with assa abloy. Dorset digital door locks are another popular smart lock seen as they can be installed very easily and quickly. And finally, the yale digital door lock is another popular yet quite cheap door lock which we use on our digital lock installation. Most people know of the yale brand in the lock industry, and they do stick to their high quality reputation.

What about programmable door locks?


Most digital door locks are programmable these days. This means that the locks can have their combination password changed numerous times if for example a member of staff leaves and need a new password for security reasons. These smart locks come in a keyless door lock set and are easy to set up. For example, the locpro digital door lock is a programmable door lock so can be pre programmed with over a thousand different combinations.

Keyless door locks such as these provide huge benefits seen as the owner does in theory not need to carry keys around in order to open the locks. Often large companies sometimes install digital door locks on their doors. The ova digital door lock is a commonly used digital lock and was recently used by us on a job in Leeds.

In this day and age, there is a large range of intelligent door locks and new ones are coming out all the time like the yale 424 digital lock and unicor lock. Its very hard to discuss them all on this webpage, so for any questions, feel free to give us a ring for a chat. We now also install mechanical locks on gates too. Gate locks can contain push button locks also, usually consisting of borg locks.

What is a phone door lock?


Phone door locks are simply another type of smart lock. They essentially work via bluetooth of wifi connection to peoples mobile phones. An example of a digital door lock is the Alexa door lock which can be controlled from your mobile phone anywhere in the country. Whether you are in Leeds or Wakefield, with a lock like this, you will be able to control it at any time.

Mechanical Door Lock
Push Button Digital Lock

You can pick up one of these keyless door lock sets online and fit it yourself. However, if you don’t feel confident doing this then get in touch and we can help.  Some of the newer digital door locks are the dormakaba m5 digital lock yale smartlock, these are highly advanced and should not be fitted by anyone without training in access control. We are a  Leeds based locksmith who install digital door locks, however we also cover nearby areas too.

What combination code should I choose for my smart door lock?


Whatever password you choose, it should be something which you can remember, while at the same time something that isn’t personal to you. For example man people choose their birthday as their combination code, however this is a big mistake as this number is personal to you. If you insist on using a birthdate as your password, at least use somebody else’s and not your own. If you forget your password you can reset it if you have access to the inside.


Smart Lock - Hornbill
Hornbill Smart Lock

With push button locks the password can also be changed however if must be done manually not digitally. When changing codes you must remove the back plate and switch the blue and red coloured pins around.  If you ever decide to change your password, this can be reprogrammed at any time. The turbolock digital door lock and vivint electronic door locks allow for longer combinations than most which means a longer password can be used. As a Leeds based Digital Door lock installer we can help install your digital door locks, get in touch.

What is a push button keypad on a digital lock?


A push button keypad is the name used to describe a keypad on a mechanical digital lock or internal keypad lock. These consist of buttons on the push button lock, which have springs behind them, and contain no electrical parts. A keypad on an electronic lock consists of numbered buttons which and electronically powered, the most common form of access control.


Digital Lock Installation
Push Button Lock

Good push button mechanical locks should comply with British Standard BS8607 to comply with high quality standards. Push button locks and code locks are ideal for carers and nurses as they allow them to have access without anyone needing to meet them on site.  Most push button locks are essentially digital door knob locks which can be opened from the inside with a knob for fire safety reasons, we can install these quickly and efficiently with our digital lock installation service.


What are biometric digital locks?


Biometical locks are those which use finger prints in order to activate and open the lock. One type of fingerprint lock is a optical fingerprint scanner. This uses light to detect the pattern on the users finger to see if it matches the pre-programmed scans.

Capacitive finger print scanner locks are those which use electrical voltage to detect the users finger print and are more secure and forgery proof. Ultrasonic finger print locks are those which use ultra sonic waves to detect the shape of the users finger print. Finally, thermal finger print scanner locks use thermal imaging to detect the users fingerprint pattern.

What is a key fob lock?


A key fob lock is a digital lock which can be opened with a key fob. A key fob is something which the user carries with some and taps against the lock in order to activate it. Some common types of fobs are swipe key cards, RFID key fobs and proximity cards. These are all programmed with the correct information in order to open the lock and essentially act as a password which you can carry.


These type of key fobs are perfect for commercial buildings with large numbers of staff and are not generally used for residential properties. Key fobs work with a wide range of proximity door locks including the alexa front door lock. Key fobs only work with electrical door locks and would not work with mechanical keypad door locks.

Smart Cylinder Lock
Electrical Door Lock

The world of digital door locks is constantly changing, even samsung have released with samsung digital door lock which is set to be the best digital door lock of this year. For more information give us a chat and we can discuss our digital lock installation options with you. We also now provide glass door lock repair services for your business. Often these are used on the corner patch locks on store front lock doors.



Can A Digital Door Lock Be Hacked?

In short, yes. Most digital door locks can be hacked given enough effort. However many are still more secure than a standard cylinder lock with which uses a key. I would say that more thieves know how to open regular key locks then digital locks.

Why are smart locks so expensive?

Digital door locks are more expensive than regular keyed locks as they contain more advanced components. Electrical door locks contain microchips inside which are mostly produced abroad. Also seen as digital door locks are fairly new, they haven’t had time to come down in price.

Can a digital lock be picked?

No this is not possible as there is no keyhole in which to insert a pick seen as they use no keys. However they can be hacked given enough effort, which I suppose could be considered a form of electronical picking.

Are digital locks better than key locks?

For some people yes. For businesses they offer more advantages than standard locks. However for regular home owners, they don’t provide much more benefit in our opinion.

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