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How to open a padlock without breaking it?

First of all we need to know why you need to open the padlock, is it a case that the padlock is broken, or have you lost the keys. Lets discuss the lost padlock keys scenario. If you are in no rush you could order some lock picks from online and try and practice picking the lock. This takes some time to learn however if you aren’t rushed for time is quite an enjoyable hobby. If you don’t have time to learn but with to have the padlock picked open then its probably best to call a local locksmith.

How Open A Padlock
Open a padlock without key

Sometimes your padlock won’t open even if you have the key. Perhaps the padlock gateway is rusted and the key won’t go in. In this case its probably time to purchase a new padlock. The padlock can be removed destructively in this situation as the padlock is going to be thrown away anyway.

Remove Padlock Without A Key
Open Padlock With Battery?

Most padlocks can be removed destructively by destroying the lock with a range of power tools such as angle grinders or bolt cutters. Disk padlock removal is slightly trickier as they are closed shackle padlocks, so it may be best to call a locksmith for these type. Laminated padlocks are another type of padlock which can be tricky to open yourself.

How to Remove A Padlock Without Key

Yes you can pick the padlock as previously discussed. However if you don’t have a key, then your going to need a new padlock anyway. In which case you don’t need to take great care in removing the padlock. Often a large pair of bolt cutters can be used to cut the lock off. Here at Lemon Locksmith, as a local locksmith we are available at short notice to perform our padlock removal for you. We will be able to take off your padlock quickly and efficiently.

A common service we attend is removing container padlocks for businesses. Padlocks such as CISA brand padlocks are used for containers which are highly secure, but a nightmare for the owner when the keys are lost as the shackle is hidden and covered by the body of the lock. We also often remove roller shutter padlocks too for when


How to pick a padlock with a paperclip?

Remove Broken Key Padlock - LS9 Harehills
Padlock Key Removal

This is something we often get asked. In reality, picking a lock with a paperclip is something which is only seen in the movies. In reality, it’s hard enough to pick a lock even as a professional locksmith with the correct locks picking tools. Picking a lock with a paperclip is almost impossible. Also you need two items to pick a lock whereas most people just think you need one.

You can’t just stick a bobby pin in the padlock and wiggle it round to try and open it. You also need a tension tool to put slight tension on the lock barrel while picking the lock pins at the same time.



How to remove a padlock when key is lost

All padlocks can in theory be picked as they all work in the same way, round padlock removal methods are the same as closed shackle padlock removal methods. Disk padlocks are a little different to long shackle padlocks as the body of the lock basically hides the shackle making them a little harder to cut off. Smith & Locke padlocks are another type of round padlock and are also hard to remove as are brass padlocks.

Here at Lemon Locksmith we also provide D-Lock removal for your bicycle locks. If you have lost the keys to your U-Lock or bike lock we can remove it for you safely and securely without damaging your bicycle or bicycle chain We may cut the lock destroying the lock in the process or pick it depending on whichever is faster. If you have lost the key to your bicycle lock then often there is no point in wasting time picking the lock as it can’t be used again without the key anyway. We can also provide padlock removal from garage doors too as we did recently for 10 garage doors in Leeds.


How to remove a broken key from padlock

Perhaps you have a key broken in padlock and are looking for ways to remove it. Here’s the bad news, you probably can’t. Once the key brakes in the padlock this is often a sign of a trapped pin inside the lock which is stopping it from coming out. This means that even if you did manage to get the key out, any other key would end up stuck too. Its at this point in which you need to purchase a new lock. We can remove and discard your old padlock for you free of charge. If you require padlock cutting then we are here to help. As a 24/7 locksmith, we are available at any time of the day to attend to help you with your padlock worries.

Padlock Removal Leeds
How Remove Padlock With Pin


How to break a padlock without tools?

Or at least….power tools. Some people use the wrench option the open the padlock. This is wear the user uses two wrenchs. Each wrench is inserted into the shackle of the padlock and can be used to pop open the padlock. Once both wrenchs are in the shackle of the lock, twist them both against each other slowly prising the shackle apart. With only works with cheaper locks. Many locks have a hardened steel shackle which is also anti cut meaning this option wouldn’t work. nor would it work with heavy duty padlocks. Another option can be to simply hit the lock with a hammer to break it. Once again, this will only work for low quality cheap padlocks and will not work with high security padlocks. You may have heard of people asking how to open a padlock with a candle, this is a rumour and cannot actually be done. Another rumour is that you can open a padlock with a battery. This is yet again completely untrue and quite simply does not work.


Ways to open a padlock with a pin?

Please don’t waste your time. It is near impossible to open a padlock with just a pin like seen in the movies. You at least need a proper lockpick and a tension tool to apply tension to the lock as you pick it. Even with the correctly lock picking tools, it is very hard to pick a padlock, unless you enjoy the hobby or challenger of picking the lock, just don’t bother. Either destructively remove the padlock or simply call a locksmith.


Can a Broken Padlock be repaired?

Technically yes. However it would require so much time and effort that it just isn’t worth doing. 99% of people simply throw away the old padlock and purchase a new one. In all our time we have only ever repaired one padlock. This was for a famous football player at Leeds United who had a historically old padlock which he wanted repairing. The padlock was quite valuable and had a story behind it. This person also had silly amounts of money and seemingly wanted to burn it by paying for a padlock to be repaired when he could have just bought a new one from B & Q.


What can I use to cut off a padlock?

A few options of what to use to cut off a padlock could be:

-An angle grinder to cut the shackle off (if it has one)

Other none cutting related methods include:

-A drill to drill the cylinder pins out

-A lockpick set to pick the lock (if you know how)


Shimming the Shackle


Lost Key For Padlock
Open Padlock With Pin?

Another option of removing a padlock is to shim the shackle. Only padlocks which do not contain ball bearings can be shimmed. You can buy a pack of shims online for very cheap or you can make some from the think metal of a drinks can. Padlocks with locking pawls can be shimmed. Do do this simply insert the shim into the shackle hole and push it in until you hear a click, the lock will then open. Shimming is a very popular tool used to bypass padlocks and can work on many locks including master locks, its worth a try. This method can often work on closed shackle padlocks not but straight  shackle padlocks.


Drill the padlock


Its all well and good suggesting to cut the padlock shackle off at the shackle, but what if the padlock doesn’t have a shackle. Shackless padlocks such as the master lock have no shackle as the body covers it. With these locks, if you can’t pick them, then one option could be to drill them. This is a method of taking off a padlock by drilling the lock. Just like door locks. padlocks operate in a similar manner. They have a core cylinder which contains the pins of the lock.

Simply drill a hole in the sheer line of the padlock and drill out the pins. All padlocks work in this manner, whether they be a straight shackle padlock or Long shackle padlock. The pins are drilled out and then the core can be turned with a flat head screw driver to open the lock. Combination padlocks cannot be drilled however and are probably best cut off with an angle grinder if you have to destroy them.  If your padlock is a Stronghold SS100CS padlock then you are in big trouble. This is known as the worlds strongest padlock and you will absolutely have to call a locksmith to remove it.

This is pretty self explanatory. Get a blow torch, and blow torch the padlock off. To be honest, this is a pretty stupid method of removing a padlock and we never do it as there is no need for it, at least just use an angle grind to cut the padlock shackle. Using a blowtorch to remove your padlock will most likely damage whatever your padlock is attached to, usually a shed. This can be a common method for criminals to use as they do not care about torching your shed.


Padlock Installation Service

After we have removed your padlock for you, you may require a new one, especially if you have lost the keys to the old one. We can install new padlocks including gate bolts with padlock and tower bolts with padlocks. We can provide high security padlocks, weather resistant padlocks and can even install hasp and staples. We really do love nothing more than installing padlocks, while you sleep, we love to be out at 2am in the morning putting new padlocks on doors in the harehills, it really is a dream come true. We aim to be the number one padlock removal locksmith in Leeds so give us a call to test are padlock removal skills.

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