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Have you lost the keys to your letterbox in your apartment building? We can help you open your locked letterbox and even replace the lock with a new one. Give us a call today


Lost Letterbox Keys

Its a common occurrence that people often loose the keys to their apartment letterbox. These letterboxes are often situated in the lobby of apartment buildings. People often loose the keys to there mailboxes, however we can help by picking or drilling the lock in order to open it. If the key is locked inside the letterbox (rare but possible) then we can use non destructive entry methods in order to open it.postbox lock replacement

We can open a large range of letter boxes including wall mounted post boxs and internal letter boxes. Due to our long history of working on opening letterboxes for people with lost keys we have become known as the letterbox locksmith. We can even gain access to wall mounted post boxes.

The lock in letterboxes is usually the type known as a cam lock. These are relatively low security locks and are very easy for us, as professional locksmiths, to open. However of course we don’t expect the general public to be able to do this. So don’t be embarrassed about calling us. We are fully trained, 24/7 locksmiths who are happy to assist. We are a local leeds locksmith and because of this can often arrive on scene within 30 minutes of your call (assuming you live in the leeds area).


Mailbox Lock Replacement Services In Leeds & Nearby Areas

Perhaps you have still got the old key for your letterbox, but you wish to have the letterbox lock changed anyway because somebody else has the key to your letterbox. Perhaps the previous tenant of your home has a key and you worry they could use it to access your mailbox and steal your letters. Or perhaps your letterbox key has been stolen. We can replace your letterbox lock for you in these situations.

mailbox cam lock


The problem with communal mailboxes is that there are people constantly people coming and going moving homes. Because of this often numerous people end up with the keys to your postbox. We highly recommend in these situations that you get the mailbox lock changed as soon as possible to protect your mail, so if you would like to change letterbox lock just get in touch. We have professional letterbox opening tool such as the famous locksmith souber tool so can overcome any mailbox related situation.


Broken Key In Residential Mailbox

Perhaps you haven’t lost your letterbox key, but instead its snapped off inside your letterbox lock. We can come and extract the broken letterbox key and provide you with a new set of keys.

letterbox locksmith

We now also provide mailbox repair services for block management, letting agents and landlords including mailbox installation services. Should you wish to know more about our letterbox installation services just get in touch.


Letterbox Locksmith Services Outside Of Yorkshire

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