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Door Knockers With Peep Holes

A type of door knocker which we have recently started to install is a peep hole door knocker. These are door knockers which have a peep hole or spy hole contained within which allows the occupant to look through the door to see who’s outside knocking at the door. How to change a door knocker is something we are often asked by leeds residents, however it really is a simple process.

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What tools will you need to install a door knocker?

In order to fit a door knocker to your door we would recommend to use the following tools:

-A drill


-A tape measure

-A pencil

That’s it, there isn’t some kind of magical door knocker tool, just basic tools. Even screws are not needed as door knocker screws are usually provided with the door knocker kit.

Of course you may not have all of these tools. However seen as we are a professional door repair company & locksmith we come fully supplied with all the doors needed to install door knockers. Should you wish for us to fit the door knockers for you then get in touch.

When installing your door knocker use your pencil to mark a point where you wish to install the knocker. Then use your drill to drill two holes which the door knocker screws will be attached to. Insert the door knocker screws and ensure they are properly tightened.

How to install a door knocker without screws?

This is simple. Just purchase a surface mounted stick on door knocker. These then stick on the door by removing the sticky backed surface.

door knocker installation

How to remove a door knocker?

Perhaps you already have a door knocker but its looking a bit tired and damaged. You may want to replace your door knocker with a nice new chrome one. In order to do this you need to remove your old door knocker you will need to remove the retaining screws. Once this is done this will allow you to remove the door knocker from the door. Now we understand that door knockers may be a little old fashioned for some people so we do also offer the installation of door bells too, should you wish to know more about this just get in touch.

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