UPVC Door Hinge Replacement


We provide door hinge repair and replacement in Leeds and nearby areas. Often doors can drop and one way to fix this problem is to adjust the hinges with an allen key. Sometimes this can be enough to fix the issue however other times the door will need to be toe and heeled in order to move it into the correct position. This allows the door to line correctly with the keep.

There are many different types of door hinges such as flag hinges such as flat hinges, pencil hinges & or pencil hinges. Some hinges can be adjusted with an allen key by turning anti-clockwise & some can be adjusted with a spanner by turning the bolts. This can lift the door high enough to fix the issue.

Door is catching?


Sometimes the door is not fully broken however is catching when opened and closed. This means the door is on its way to been broken eventually. This is the step prior to the mechanism breaking. On UPVC & composite doors the doors can drop causing the door to catch. This also makes the door hard to lock, people often report needing to lift the handle hard in order to lock the door. This puts great strain on the mechanism and eventually causes it to break.


UPVC Door Hinge Replacement Leeds
Hinge Fixing

UPVC Door Hinge Replacement In Leeds & Nearby Areas


Sometimes door hinges need more than just adjusting, sometimes they can crack and break. When this happens, there is no other option than to replace the hinge with new ones. We can remove your old broken hinges and replace them with a new set. Its usually better to replace all the hinges when one breaks instead of just replacing one. We stock a range of hinges and can replace flag hinges, continuous hinges, butt hinges and even rebated hinges. Common hinge brands which we stock are Avocet and Laird Challenger however we can source any.

How to remove door hinge?

Perhaps you fancy giving it a go yourself. It really is a two person job so be sure to get help. You can replace the hinges by removing the hinge pin, this can be tapped out with a hammer. You will need to knock out all the pins in the hinges, this will then allow you to lift the door off of the frame.

Hinge Adjustment
Hinge Adjustment

We also can provide new hinges in any colour you desire such as gold, white or black. Door hinges don’t just break on UPVC doors. They can also break on composite doors too. Hinges can be broken by means which simply aren’t your own fault. Wind can often slam the door open which damages the hinges. Exterior door hinges are common with this problem and often using a heavy duty door hinge can be a good option with front doors. Rusty door hinges can be a common problem which makes the door stiff and hard to close. We can replace your hinges by removing the door, attaching new hinges and then rehanging the door. The door will be rehung with great precision.

Interior Door Hinges Different To External Door Hinges?

Yes interior door hinges are completely different to external door hinges and shouldn’t be compared. They are much weaker and cannot be adjusted like external hinges. Usually internal door hinges are fitted on wooden doors which are less heavy and need less security than an external door. We don’t just repair upvc door hinges, we can repair cabinet hinges and other types too. Many internal doors have concealed door hinges. These are hidden to improve the appearance of the door and are often self closing for fire safety reasons. These type of hinges are very common in certain parts of Leeds such as the oakwood area.

Flag Hinge Repair
Flag Hinge Repair

Many older door hinges are now obsolete, as experienced local locksmiths we can source modern replacement hinges for your door which will work better than the old ones. Dropped doors can usually be corrected with hinge adjustment, however sometimes if the hinges are too damaged its best to just replace them. We don’t just replace residential door hinges. We can also repair and replace commercial door hinges such as those on aluminium doors. We can remove the grub screw to adjust hinges which are out of alignment. Often people get confused about which screws to turn to adjust the hinges the correct way. Turn clockwise for height adjustment up and anti clockwise for compression adjustment, this means that the door moves towards you.

Butt Hinge Replace
New Door Hinge


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