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Cash Register Lock Repair

Is your cash register lock faulty & in need of fixing. As professional locksmiths we can repair your till lock at a moments notice. Cash registers usually have a form of cam lock which over time can fail and need replacing. We can often repair the pins inside the cam lock or replace it entirely. This means you will need new key to the lock which we will provide. However don’t worry, we are CRB checked locksmiths and can be trusted.


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Cash Till Box Lock Fixing

Are you unable to open your cash till box, then this may indicate a problem with the actual till lock. Till locks basically consist of a type of lock called a cam lock. We can repair & replace these cam locks in no time at all. We stock a wide range of till locks on our vans so that we always have the right type for you. A common type of till lock which we stock is the ASEC brand till lock as this is a high quality lock.


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Cam Lock Replacement & Till Lock Repair

Often once a till counter lock breaks, one of the most efficient ways is to simply replace the lock instead of trying to repair it. The actual till locks themselves are relatively cheap and the majority of the cost is in the labour. It is for this reason that if your counter lock breaks we often just swap the old lock with a new till lock instead.till lock fixed

Cash Drawer Lock Change

Perhaps your counter lock is working fine. However it could be that an ex employee at your shop has taken a copy of your till lock home. Or perhaps the counter lock keys have been stolen during a robbery. In these situations it is essential that the lock is changed for security reasons. When we install a new lock on your shops till lock we also ensure that they come with a new set of keys which you and your employees can use to open and close the till.

We will also check to make sure that the old keys which perhaps went missing or were stolen will not work on the new till lock. Its an unfortunate problem that till lock keys get stolen however this is a common occurrence in the west Yorkshire area. In fact just recently we came across a shop keeper in the LS19 area of Leeds in Yeadon who had the shop keys stolen by an ex employee, an all too common occurrence.

One day for example the employee goes home and decides to change jobs, however simply doesn’t bother to return the keys. This puts your till cash drawer at risk. A worrying aspect of this situation is that there is then somebody out there who has an exact key to where you keep the money in your shop. The till cash register is one place in your business which must be protected from crime and unauthorized access. We provide high quality asec lever till locks for your business., just give us a ring to find out more.


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Drawer Lock Repairs


As a professional locksmith we can repair & replace drawer locks on your shops till. We can experienced in this industry and provide you with a good quality lock & service. We are fully MLA qualified and a full vetted member of checkatrade. We work with a large range of businesses in the leeds & Yorkshire area and are considered to be a commercial locksmith by many. With work with commercial units, shops an businesses in the area. If you have a problem with your cash drawer lock or any lock on your business for that matter just get in touch.

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