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Changing Gate Locks

Has your old gate lock seized up and stopped working? Often this happens when the levers inside the lock become rusty. In this situation it is usually more cost effetely to simply replace the lock with a new one as opposed to replacing the levers. We provide gate lock repair services on a weekly basis. The problem with gate locks is that unlike normal door locks, the gate locked are often welded into the actual body of the gate. This means that removing the lock can be a nightmare and often require welding equipment. We believe that these gate designs are terrible and very inconsiderate of the owner, but that’s just how it is.

Double Turn Gate Lock


We can change your gate locks with a new one one. We like to install zoo gate locks and era as these are high quality locks. Gate locks are essentially a type of mortice deadlock and come in 3 or 5 levers. The more levers the lock has inside, the higher lever of security the lock offers.

Installing Gate Locks

Perhaps you have a gate but it has never had a lock on it. We can fresh fit gate locks from scratch. Installing gate locks is something we do frequently and we and good as doing so. We can install gate locks on metal gates or even wooden gates. A newer type of gate lock which we like to install is the combination gate lock. This is a keyless gate lock which requires no key to open. This offers great amounts of convenience as it allows keyless entry.

Opening a broken gate lock?

Often once a gate lock is broken the only way to open it is by destroying it or cutting the bolt. This can indeed be messy and dangerous, however, as a professional locksmith, we can do this for you. We can then replace the broken gate lock with a new one. Changing a gate lock can require advanced tools such as angle grinders and helen keys which most people just wouldn’t have.

repair broken gate lock leeds


Lost Keys To Gate Lock

Have you lost the keys to your existing gate lock. This is a dangerous situation as you don’t know who has phone your keys. In this situation we recommend that you change your gate lock to a new one meaning the old keys won’t work with it anymore. As a 24/7 locksmith we cant provide you with a new gate lock at any time of the day, just give us a ring. We don’t just use any old toolstation gate lock. We provide high quality locks from our local supplier. Just recently we provided a new gate lock for a customer in LS10 Middleton Leeds after they had their keys stolen from their bag, a most unfortunate incident.

Gate Lock installation on Wooden Gates

A common job which we provide is gate lock installation on wooden gates. We install a range of different gate lock brands such as D&D and gatemaster. Garden gate locks often consist of a hasp and staple with padlock. We can install heavy duty hasp and staples and padlocks. Our padlocks are not your standard screwfix locks, they are high quality. Another common type of gate lock which we fit is a long throw bolt gate lock. These are different to gate locks in that the bolt throws much further across. Our external gate locks are of exceptionally high quality and of high security.

gatemaster gate lock

We can also provide push button gate lock fitting which require no keys to operate.  These are not any old type of b&q lock, they are of exceptionally high quality. Our digital gate locks are specifically designed for outdoor use and can resist the elements. We install high quality ranges such as Iocinox and gatemaster which come with chains and keeps. Another good brand we like to use is borg push button gate locks. Security grills often also contain gate style locks and we can replace these these also. We can also install anti lift features to prevent people lifting the gates off of there features. Gate locks are extremely common in the Leeds area and for good reason due to high levels of crime.

Automatic Gate Locks Fitting

Yes, we do now indeed also install electric gate locks which are essentially smart locks. These can open automatically upon receiving the correct signal from a remote control. We can also install electric locks on sliding gates too. For example the cisa hook lock can be installed on automatic sliding gate. These consist of a hook lock which hooks together to prevent the gates been prized open. Our locks are galvanised for appearance and can be made to operate with a double turn, this means that two turns of the key are required to lock the lock making it more secure. We can it our locks onto a range of gate frames  no matter what the size and can also install security shrouds to prevent people putting their hands round to open the lock.

long throw gate lock fitting


Gate Closer Fitting & Gate Lock Repair

We now often gate closing installation services should you require it, feel free to give us a call or email.


What are some common types of gate locks which can be used on fences?

Some common types of gate locks are:

-Gate latch locks

-Mechanical Gate Locks

-Electronic Locks

-Liftmaster locks

What is a signet latch?

This is an old style of gate lock which is not very common anymore. However we do stock them and we can replace them. Often these kind of locks are double locking and surface mounted.

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