There are a whole range of different types of locks.

If you are on a budget I would recommend standard anti-snap cylinder locks. These are a must in this day and age. There is a process that thieves use called lock snapping. Lock snapping is when a criminal snaps the lock out of the door. The reason this is commonly used is because it is fast and silent.

New locks have a feature called anti-snap. This means that the front of the lock has a sacrificial weak point. When a criminal tries to snap these locks, the front of the lock simply snaps off instead of the lock snapping in the middle (where it usually would snap on cheaper locks). This renders the lock useless meaning the lock can no longer be opened from the outside. You, however, can still get out from the inside.

Anti-snap locks are a good option for those looking for decent security without breaking the bank.

Three star British Standard locks

These kind of locks are good, but if you have a higher budget there is one step better. The best possible type of locks are three star rated. These often have a three star logo on the front of the lock. What’s the difference between three star locks and regular anti-snap locks, you may ask? First of all, three star locks are of course anti-snap. But they also have anti-pick technology inside. They contain pins inside which are often very hard to pick. Now, most thieves are not skilled in the art of lock picking. However, if you are looking for peace of mind from this then three star lock upgrades are your answer.

Another common method thieves use to break in is to simply drill the lock. This is not as common as lock snapping because it creates a lot of noise, which thieves generally do not like. However, it is the second most common method so its worth knowing about. This is where three star locks help also. Inside of them they contain multiple hardened steel pins. The pins are harder than the material of most common drill bits. This creates a nightmare for thieves looking to drill the lock. In fact the drill bit used will most likely break or snap before the lock has been drilled.

The actual key of a three star lock looks different than a normal key. They are inserted into the keyhole sideways instead of vertically. There is a distinct advantage of this. There are many lock picks and other lockpicking equipment available on the internet. However most will not fit into a lock with a sideways hole. This makes buying lock picking equipment to open these kind of locks very expensive and difficult.

High security locks deter burglars

Upon seeing the three star logo on the front of a lock most seasoned thieves will not even bother to attempt to break in. They know what a hassle these locks cause for them and will move onto an easier target (unfortunately for your neighbours). In fact I have personally seen the police themselves be too afraid to gain entry to a property when the homeowner has a three star lock. I regularly work with police who attend property raids for arrest warrants. If the police see a three star lock, very often they will rather choose to simply kick the door in instead of breaking the lock.

There are different brands of three star locks as with anything such as Yale, ABS, Ultion etc. Some are better quality than others however they are all far better than none three star rated locks.

Another method to make locks more secure is by protecting the locks further by having special security handles fitted.

In terms of pricing these locks vary from anywhere between £50-£150 per lock. Whereas normal anti snap locks range between £30-£40 pound per lock. It really all depends on your budget and circumstances.

A common mistake many people make when trying to fit their own locks is buying the wrong size lock. There are hundreds of different sized locks. If your lock is too small the key will not turn rendering the lock useless. If the lock is too large this gives thieves more of a surface to hold on. If too much of the lock surface is showing then even a three star lock can be snapped out by the thief. It’s no good paying for an expensive high quality lock and then not having it fitted correctly. Should you wish to use our services for upgrading your locks feel free to give us a ring on: 07721876571

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