The weather is (hopefully) getting warmer and it’s a bank holiday weekend – time for DIY! Add lockdown easing and half-term into the mix and you’re probably looking at spending a lot more time outside.

May is one of the most popular months of the year for home improvement projects, plus with summer coming you may be thinking about outdoor entertainment, and buying children’s play equipment, maybe a barbecues, sports equipment…or even planning a holiday, if you can remember what one of those is. Can you tell we’re excited about summer here at Lemon Locksmith?

Unfortunately, burglars are looking out for this type of behaviour. But don’t let that steal your sunshine – read our handy summer security tips and keep your home as safe as possible!

Speak to your neighbours

Yes, we’re allowed to do that again! Your neighbours offer a great source of security – if they know when you’re going to be away, or they know who’s usually coming and going, they’re going to spot anything out of the ordinary. This is particularly relevant if you’ve been, for example, working from home for a while and now you’re going back to the office and leaving the house empty all day.

Secure your garden furniture, toys and bicycles

Bicycle and ladder in a garden
Secure your home! Ladders and expensive items left in the garden are like an invitation to burglars

It’s tempting to just leave things out, especially if you’re in the garden every day, but remember burglary is a crime of opportunity. If a burglar has a look in your garden and can’t see anything obvious worth stealing, they’re going to move along. Bicycles and smaller toys can be quickly locked away before you go indoors; an outdoor storage chest can be used to store your stuff – either buy one that’s lockable or that can be secured with a padlock.

It’s not quite so easy to lock away garden furniture and large pieces of play equipment: if you can’t secure them, try to ensure they can’t be seen from the street. Even just anchoring them to the ground makes them much more hassle to steal.

Lock tools and ladders away

Leaving your tools outside is like an open invitation to burglars – they don’t even need to bring their own! Ladders are particularly important to put away, as they present an easy way in for a burglar.

If your shed doesn’t lock, consider a padlock. Even if a shed isn’t the most secure outbuilding, any deterrent is a good idea. If it looks like more hassle to break into your home or garden than someone else’s, a burglar will choose the easier target.

Close and lock windows and doors while you’re out

With nicer weather, it’s tempting to leave the windows open all day so that the house isn’t like an oven when you come home. However, even if a window is only open a crack, it’s a convenient point of entry for a burglar. Instead, open all the windows when you get home and spend an hour in the sunshine in the garden while the house cools down!

On a related note, if you’re out in the back garden and nobody is in the house, lock the front door. It only takes seconds for a burglar to open the door and swipe your keys.

Review your home security

If you’ve spent a lot of the last year at home, chances are you haven’t really tested your home security for a while. Give Andy at Lemon Locksmith a call on 07721876571 – I can help you review your home security and plan improvements – and with no call out fee and no VAT, you’ll save money too!

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