Out on the internet there are many tips and advice regarding security and we thought it would be a good idea to set the record straight. Let us introduce to you some tips. One obviously tip is to make sure your doors and windows are locked whenever you leave the house. Althought this sounds obvious, its amazing how many people don’t do it. Its useless have the best quality locks if you don’t use them! Many people think that brake ins happen at night so don’t lock the doors during the daytime. Well theives work 24/7 so you need to be careful 24/7. You may know that you should do this but still don’t as you simply forget. One way to remember is to sit and close your eyes. Visualise yourself leaving the house AND locking the door and/or windows. This visualisation technique is a proven method used to help people remember to do things that they often forget. Do this just a few times and soon you won’t need to think about it anymore as you will automatically be in the habit of doing it.

Also don’t forget to close those windows too. Thieves will always take the easiest option of entry into your house, a window, a door, a chimney? (Santa). Also another common mistake is for people to leave a spare set of keys for emergencies in the garden. Perhaps under a rock or more commonly under a plant pot. You better believe that there are professional career criminals out there and they know every trick in the book. The first place they will look for your spare key is under the plant pot etc. Its just not worth it. If you have to insist on having a spare key then why not leave one with your neighbours?

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