Don’t wait until its too late! Do you have locks in your home or business which you are not sure about, why don’t you give us a call and let us check them out for you. Only by identifying which types of locks you have can you be certain they are suitable for the job and the area they are located. Sometimes its hard to tell what type of lock you have, so feel free to call us out to come and have a look, we can tell you if it is easy to pick, or perhaps easy to snap. We can check to make sure that your locks and security system are adequate and valid to meet the requirements of your building / home insurance provider. It would be awful to find out you had been robbed and your not covered by your insurance.

At Leeds Locksmith we are proud of how knowledgeable we are in our key areas, this is due to our training and experience. Be it with our knowledge of high security locks to secure your home, methods of gaining entry if you are locked out, or repairing your UPVC door locks. Give us a call to get your locks checked by the professionals and make sure that you will sleep safe and sound at night with the knowledge that you and your family are protected and safe. If we find any problems or lacking security features in your property we can easily find a solution be it upgrading to anti-snap locks or adding more locks. We always make sure we stock a large variety of locks so that we can complete the job for you in one visit quick and fast. It is so essential to ensure that your locks up are the best you can get, give us a call today.

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